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Techniques for stepping the Milky Way image with Photoshop

Image compares example of 1 short images, not stacks with images that bring multiple images and Median stacking together.
For this column, we recommend the technique of the Milky Way. Or can be a sky object photo That we often need to use a high ISO (ISO) with the Photoshop basic program in a simple one But clearly made us the image of Milky Way

In & # 39; & # 39; a Milky Way Many people who have photographed know that we should use relatively high sensitivity. With the use of high sensitivity (ISO), the sound is also very high. For astronomers this problem Get help through skyline objects on the telescope Or at the stars according to the stars What helps to use images with low ISO with time to open the camera for longer

But for the average person we do not have the equipment to follow the stars. So in another way to make us photos of Milky Way have a clear image file. With noisy sound When writing on a normal camera Many shots of Milky Way images are shuttered and all the images can be brought together Can make the image better without investing much equipment What needs to be done? Let's start

Techniques and methods

This technique must first say, Perhaps appropriate for writing a Milky Way or playing alternate objects What we first need to understand the principle of photo's What kind of image we need to take in order to use the process to give the best image? By asking the following steps

Milky Way photography

1. Use the formula to make the time difference of Rule 400/600 so that the star is still a dot (the dot does not rule out)

2. Multiple continuous shots, such as 6-10, almost
3. Save Raw File to the best file quality.

Process with Photoshop

In the process of using Photoshop, the simple principle is to combine multiple images. Also known as Stack Images and the use of the Median Stacking format as follows

After completing in step 6 as in the preview above, the image can be created, adapted to the details. It can clearly see that the image is with lower sound And the details can be more flexible to draw

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