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TAT & # 39; Amazing Thailand Marathon & # 39;


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Toyota's Amazing Thailand Marathon, 2019 Launched in 2nd Asia Marathon

Tourist Sports Department Thailand Tourism Authority Thai Sports Authority Police Agency Bangkok Thailand Quiz The 2nd Asia Marathon "Toyota's Amazing Thailand Marathon, 2019" launched. It has 25,000 Thai and foreign runners and has sales of over 500 million baht. Dream is an Asian marathon.

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Pichai Khunplum, Tourism and Sports Loan There is a sponsor of Toyota's "Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2019" press conference on November 14th at the Esplanade Cinema Cineplex Ratchadapisek, the venue of the World Marathon Press Conference.

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Mr. Impact, Chairman of the Tourist Deputy and Sports Advisory Council, has a clear policy to promote sports, especially sports that attract both Thai and foreign tourists, such as marathons and sports. The triathlon game is one of the major products in the long term. There is a global brand plan. As a government agent, I have designated all relevant agencies to host each section. You can operate and manage marathons worldwide. Aim for an amazing race. The Thai marathon must be at least 3 years old and should be listed at the top of the list. A marathon where people around the world want to travel to compete.

Virasak Weerasak Kowsurat (Tourism and Sports Minister) The amazing Thai marathon Bangkok is run by the standard run of the Thai race every year. It is because it is a high standard. Effective management. Let people around the world have more interest in the future. Also preparation of angles taken from various places. The landmark of Bangkok is wonderful. Road closures can affect road users. But the least thing will happen.

Suchitra Jongsanitthong, deputy director of tourism and products The Tourism and Tourist Office (TAT) said tourism and sports ministers have allocated TAT. We hold this tournament. It will be co-operated with Thailand's triathlon competition. The tournament will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2019 and will be held in early February of each year. The main purpose of the competition is to improve Thailand as a destination for sustainable tourism and sports or sustainable tourism.

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"I know very well that it is difficult to organize a world-class marathon in the capital, if no one starts a project, Thailand can not see a marathon on a global scale. If you think that you are benefiting the country, you will be able to create income for reputation, economy, social development etc. "

That's what Mrs. Sujitra said. TAT will use the flow of boom sports as a key tool to attract both Thai and foreign tourists in the first quarter of 2019. It is expected to have 25,000 participants. More than 5,000 foreigners create direct economic and indirect revenues of over 500 million baht, and the goal is to end the marathon as amazing Thailand tourists all join Asia's list within three years.

President Kudkaew Sangwanich, Chief Executive Thailand quiz organizer discuss the details of the game. The competition is divided into four categories: 42.195km for marathon, 21.10km for marathon, 10km for mini marathon and 3.5km for family run. This is the highlight of this marathon. Marathon Division. There will be a release point. Rajamangala National Stadium Thailand's sports authority is via Ramkhamhaeng Road. Ratchawithee Road Dindaeng Road (using multiple bridges under the bridge) Rama IX Road Ratchadamnoen Vidyasat Road Rama VI Bridge Boromarajonani Road (multiple levels of bridges) will be back on the road. (Ratchadamnoen Nok Level), turn right onto Phrasumen Road. Ratchadamnoen Klang Road is entering the finish line of the Democracy Monument and is expected to reach 25,000 runners.

Rungroj Khanchal, senior vice president of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., is very pleased that Toyota is part of the support. Organize the largest marathon in the country as a presentation sponsor and ensure that all public and private partnerships compete. The marathon was a success. And to build a reputation for Thailand.

Mr. Tawee Lapitripirom, vice president of the Bank of Bangkok Company Limited, a 10-kilometer sponsor, said the Bank of Bangkok is very happy to sponsor this marathon. This is a virtual tour of the country in the near future. Also discount for participants. Who has credit? And a Bangkok bank debit card. You will receive a 15% discount. dedicated

Piraporn Boonyarapan Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited is a 3.5 km sponsor under the name of Muang Thai Smile Run and I am very pleased to be one of your sponsors. Promoting Human Health We will take care of the runners with accident insurance for all the athletes participating in this event.

From November 14th to 19th, applicants will receive special discounts such as 850 baht for marathon, 700 baht for half marathon, 600 baht for 10km and 400 baht for family run. You can apply through the website.

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