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"Supachai" opened to the game, Singapore does not matter much more than the victory of the team.

"Supachai Udomsook" 19-year-old warrior opened his heart to death. Man of the Match Help to get the home team Singapore 3-0 to qualify for the ASEAN Championship.

26 November 61 Supachai Udomkook, the future striker, Thai national team happy to take the position. Man of the match (best player of the game), but at the same time thinks. Victory of the most important team. After the home decided to Singapore 3-0 after the semi final. In the Championship ASEAN 2018 as the B-champion.

The 19-year-old striker has got the chance to start his second commercial campaign, along with the goal of a third-party in the name of # 39; the great battle, even the man of # was getting the game. To control this game.

"I'm happy to write again, and I'm very happy, that's the team, and go through the next round," said Supachai.

"I'm proud of myself, the man of the game, but it's really not important if the team's victory is every chance, I never thought I needed to write goals. I think it works with the team the best and try the day of the coach to play, of course, the most important result of the team. "

"Thanks to the coach (Milo Ranieres) who has given me the opportunity to place the real one once, and help me out the potential I feel I'm far away, but nothing, I feel like a child, there are many things to develop, so I'll work harder to share it with the team. "

"Finally, I like to thank the fans to come to us, we try to see that, we are really meant to be, and we have to overcome the thirst when the results come as we hope everyone will be happy us. "

"But under other things we have not done yet, we have to work harder." Star from Buriram United closed.

For the Thai national team to visit the Malaysian national team. In the Championship of ASEAN 2018, the first semi-final will be held on December 1, 2018 and will return on December 5, 2018 on their second home at the Rajamangala Stadium.

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