Friday , January 27 2023

"Srisuwan" On the occasion of the board of directors' election to lead private companies in the MCOT media.


On November 11, Sri Suwanjaya, secretary general of the Thai Federation of Constitutional Protection Associations, disclosed that after the association investigated the corruption of a state-run corporation in the form of a listed company on the stock exchange. MCOT Public Company Limited became a state-owned company. And journalism business. Under government supervision, there has been controversy over the sponsorship of various media types for Bangkok's Sustainable Brands or Sustainable Brands 2018 from October 12-13, including 9 channels, MCOT HD, 96.5 MHz FM radio, online Media, 9 pages, Entertain and 9 pages, MCOT HD, for conferencing private companies. One of the MCOT board's independent directors insisted that the image was produced for Channel 9 MCOT HD and requested a 100% discount on MCOT. Responsibilities of CPRC 2018.

"The exercise of authority for the benefit of the MCOT Board is contrary to MCOT Public Company Limited's Article 51 because it is recognized by MCOT Plc. Major shareholders and major shareholders to further protect their interests. It also includes the SEC's regulations, notices, It is a situation that may be against the regulations, or the Stock Exchange of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, "said Srisuwan.

Srisuwan said that. The association complains to the NCC to investigate the activities of its directors and board of directors. The president, MCOT and all relevant administrative staff will be of assistance. Damage to the country. This trip will be shown at the NCC office on Nonthaburi Sanambinang Road on November 13th. In addition, there will be objections to amendments to the NCC notices that support the college committee. There is no need to report property liabilities.

Source: Matichon Online

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