Wednesday , March 29 2023

Songkhla has 606 new cases, of which 6,129 are currently being processed.


Songkhla Provincial Office of Public Health Covid-19 Situation Report on October 15, 2021, there are 606 confirmed cases, including one from prison and 605 in the area, a total of 37,512 cases.

4 dead, total 165 dead

6,129 are currently being processed

Of the 605 new cases, 420 were in contact with the infected in the area. and found in the study of the disease in the family and community in Hat Yai, Chana, Saba Yoi, Rattaphum, Thepha, Singhanakhon, Nathawee, Khuan Niang and Mueang Na

A group is also waiting to investigate the disease. Higher risk groups in communities, factories, shops, businesses and markets Groups of travelers from the country and groups of public health staff

Songkran Maichum, Songkhla Province, said Dr. Covid-19 situation In the province, it is an epidemic in families and communities. of participation in traditional merit-making activities, social gatherings, funerals, but most patients in the green group were those with mild infections. with severe symptoms, but about 1%

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