Thursday , January 20 2022

Set 3 accidents for fire retardant dog celebration.


The police, home design, Khon Kaen 3, included with "UCD". Video clip teaches you to fire fireworks after a pistol. I'm not sure if this is the case.

At 14:00 on November 24, 61 at Ban Duck Police Station. Lt. Col. Jarasat Sutayasan, deputy head of Khon Kaen Provincial Police, along with Plysjebleutenant Poonpol Pimmai, director of Duck Home Police Station, Khon Kaen. The arrest of Mr. Pakki Petchananon, 19, or Teppanyong Fire UCD The house was Duck Ban Muang Khon Kaen. How to find the home is to go to post how the fireworks changed to 100 to make MINIGUN 1,000 cars with a shot on the dog food. The police investigates the area until they know. The post is Mr. Pack Two policemen were kept in the house with two short-pistols, a 9mm single-shot gun and a 308 long rifle. One 9 mm pistol with ammunition

Pol.Maj.Gen.Phammai Pimmai, director of Duck Home Police Station, Khon Kaen reported that the accused often has the habit of putting video clips and putting them in their own YouTube channel to interact for the group. Teenage At present there are more than 1 million followers, most of them climbing over the use of firearms. It is considered a bad example for followers, especially young people. I sent an investigation into the area to investigate where Mr. Pakki confessed that they had the clip. I have made a clip on YouTube for more than 2 years, paid for the money that comes from apps on the YouTube channel. The most important income is a hundred thousand. The firearms that were adapted to the population. The accused stated that the three guns are mathematical weapons. They also used firefighters to fire and broadcast the broadcast. It was deleted. It was stored as the center of the study.

Previous researcher The appeal against Mr. Pakchong 3 explanations are: 1. The cruelty of # cruelty to animals. Without speech Misuse for a prison sentence for a term that is not two years is greater or a fat that does not exceed forty thousand baht. Or both, given by the Prevention or Cruelty and Animal Protection Act, BE 2557, M.220, M.3, M.2. Or another comparative object on air without authorization. There is no prosecution for a term for three years or no fever that is no sixty thousand baht. In the case of a firearm a firearm is a firearm. Misuse of prison from six months to five years An adjustment of thousands of sentences to ten thousand jobs in accordance with the law on firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks and artifacts, firearms, 2490 m 7, m 72, paragraph 3

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