Thursday , June 1 2023

RAZER, BLACKWIDOW LITE offers the best performance and keyboard enhancement – Notebook Specs


Razer ™, the world's premier gaming lifestyle brand, today announced the Razer BlackWidow Lite, a stylish keyboard for work and play.

BlackWidow Lite delivers superior performance with a stunning yet sophisticated feel on Razer's legendary keyboard-style keyboard. It also works perfectly. The Razer BlackWidow Lite is ideal for printing jobs that need to be focused and ready for use. be careful. The Razer BlackWidow Lite comes with an O-ring rubber ring for lowering the sound pressure and reducing symptoms. Press the button to feel fatigue.

BlackWidow Lite joins Razer Razer's Razer Atheris and Razer Goliathus mobile stealth performance enhancement Razer Razors. Razer Blade Stealth, Razer Phone 2 and Razer HammerHead USB-C Earphone Earphones

"We were delighted," said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. "We are working hard. Every day, a third of our lives are in front of our desks. So we want you to use the keyboard most comfortably. The BlackWidow Lite keyboard provides full support for both work and entertainment. "

The Razer BlackWidow Lite comes in the form without the correct numeric keypad. Provides compactness. The knit line is removable for easy storage and carrying. The white light on each key on the keyboard provides better performance in the dark. And the brightness control is perfect. It also supports Razer Synapse 3, a cloud-based hardware configuration tool. Advanced options and thorough control. You can customize macros, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

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Drawing Razer BlackWidow Lite:

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price : THB 3,390.00

Availability: – Now Available

Worldwide – available in some countries.

Product Features :

  • Razer ™ Razer ™ Orange Dynamic Keypad Switch – Provides quiet sound and provides the perfect touch for everyday printing.
  • Supports up to 80 million keystrokes.
  • The white light on each button provides better performance in low light conditions.
  • A rubber ring o-ring and keypad removal tool (key cap) are provided.
  • Compatible with Razer Synapse 3
  • Strap detachable cord fabric
  • Ten simultaneous buttons with signal loss protection at the push of a button.
  • Use the game mode option to disable the Windows and Alt + Tab keys.
  • Fully programmable keypad with instant macro recording.
  • Data rate at 1000 Hz
  • A base made of aluminum at the top.
  • The instance triggers a technique that provides the fastest response time while typing.

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