Friday , April 23 2021

PTT group, merging dust with standards

PTT group, merging dust with standards

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Mr. Chansilil Trienuchakorn, general manager and president of PTT Public Company Limited, revealed that PTT Group and national energy company have continued to develop fuels needed to live and live environment First production of unleaded oil Until alternative energy, some clean energy, like NGV naturenas, gasohol, biodiesel, which has helped to alleviate all the pollution of the land And still develop alternative energy for the future like EV

In the past, diesel fuel with fuel, with B7, was sold in PTT B10 train and B20 gas stations, focused on public buses as buses, BMTA, bus payers. Public transportation, including gasohol What is gasoline mixed with ethanol It is another choice for car users to use roads that do not want to reduce current pollution. To use more fuel, the more environmentally friendly you want to reduce downtime emissions

"According to the situation of PM 2.5 small-scale partners that are many standards in areas, especially in Bangkok and the surrounding area, the PTT group has not been preserved. And have a concern for sharing the situation in helping to prevent and solve problems by products and services that PTT has always developed And now Auto Auto Service Center has organized a free auto inspection for 30 points, with a special 15% discount on changing From the air filter And participating car climate filters In addition, up to 50% reduction, free of charge, can get change When bringing the car to the disposal of the lifting oil, PTT called in a Synthetics group at a branch in Bangkok. And the participating provinces While having a loss of traffic problems, PTT has set up a traffic group convoy to promote continuity of traffic, "Chansilp said.

All people can participate in solving small substance problems, such as the use of qualitative fuel. Connected to the maintenance of a car and always check the motorcycle repairs While respecting traffic rules Respect for environmental problems are all about us

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