Saturday , January 22 2022

Piyanat Wacharaporn, former deputy minister of transport – innovation


Mr. Piyanat Watcharaporn, former Prime Minister in the government, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, former MP Thai Rak Thai Party and several former deputy of Sisaket, together with Mrs. Vichit Watcharaporn, former Deputy Secretary General House of Representatives, gave the coalition as a member of # e PPP. After a political hand Due to auto-accident health problems.

Mr. Piyanat says that at this moment democracy people can get people in the country. Politics is one mechanism. The opportunity for people to use the voice to develop the country and to solve the problem. The problem is over. Political parties are part of the solution. This party can not be the best party. But the party has the current chance to make today's politics. For the benefit of people. He consulted with the villagers and decided to join the party to get the chance. Private parties are willing to work with the party. Do you want the candidates selected in the area? I have to assume that the health of the body can be a problem in politics, but health is full.

Mr. Piyanat also called the criticism. The People Power Party (PDP) may be the same party in the past with the legacy of the military. Critics are normal. But it will be the critic or not. Politicians should help each other to work together. Criticism is the person who determines the direction of learning history in the past. The case of 'community'. Personally, I'm not going to come in. I know the problem inside. But when it comes to this party. I did nothing wrong. And think that this party is not as the party of society in the past.

The party to party must have the ideology in # 39; place the location, as previously said he was in line with gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon in 1992 or not, Piyanat heard that ideology is important. But used as a look at the situation and the good opportunity. This time they see on their shoes. Make sure the ideology is the same.

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