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One of the top five art fans in the world!


Joe Apichart True yarn.
Thai people do not lose any country in the world! Last celebration "Joe Apichart True Ya Non" I am the founder and owner of the Muggle-V website that submitted a poster inspired by a movie trailer. Fantastic Beast: Grindelwald's Crime, or Fantastic Beast and Inhabitant: Grindelwald's Crime. Participate in the contest. And Warner Bros. with Talenthouse. One of the top five artists in the Pictures campaign finds the most popular work to promote the movie "The Crimes of Grindelwald". November 15

Joe Apichart True yarn. "When I submitted the contest I did not expect much, but when I realized that I was selected as one of the five works, I felt like I was accepted around the world, and feel the hope that we will represent magical world fans, I am very happy as a Thai fan talking to the official media of the film.The Thai fans are very enthusiastic and ready to express themselves just like everyone else.I am in this corner I am glad to see more of Thailand. "

Figure 1-5 World selected.
When Joe asked about design inspiration, Joe liked to "find the answer to the puzzle and keep up the story, which is the starting point for this work." I was very keen on designing for many graphics, and like movie posters. It will make movie fans feel attractive.I have a secret to find.It has a magic smell.I put a symbol.This design.The alchemy symbol Nicolas Flamel landing stone is probably worth the Newt together Durban and Harry Guinea then added little details such as the crows linking Lestrans and other interesting traits, but all the ensembles Minarima, the graphic designer and cover art of the fantastic Beast movie MinaLima) inspired me, both of which were JK's two I like all of the works designed for the movie rolling. "
Hand sketching on paper
"I began to imagine and sketch on a piece of paper before, make the details clear, then create a graphic in Adobe Illustrator and create an element to match in the draft, then look at the balance of the image. Elements in yellow, Hufflepuff House's symbol is an old, desolate retro look, locked like a movie's darkness, and the overall design takes about 10 hours. "

Harry Potter's passion for the magical world combined with his unique ability. Doing what you like is a driving force. And making a continuous tank is always Harry Potter year, until you are 28 years old. 6 Love should start and think wrong or absurd. "Some of it was never the imagination because I was the driving force for a lot of work. Thank you for publishing the book Harry Potter Translated to fans as well as Thailand, I am sure children I am sure, at least, that he is a good new Harry Potter book about recognizing something worthy of that love, it is good because it has an open mind to others, it is very important in today's society. Wonder of Animal: If you're hesitant about Crime in Painting Dale, Harry Potter will be just as likely to see me now, if you have any doubt, I believe in JK Rowling, and of course I will return good things. "

"Potterhead's way of dreaming.My work will be announced in a foreign country.I know it is one of my ambitions.I am glad to be one of the five works chosen by Talenthouse and Warner Bros. JK is more delighted to wake up on Twitter When I feel like I'm in front of JK Rowling, she tells me, "I like your job."
Cover of The Wonderful Beast book and crime house in Grindelwald.
Fantastic Beast: The Crime of Grindelwald Or nice animals and people: Grindelwald's crime JK Rowling's pen will be available worldwide on November 16, 2018. The script will then be published as a book. "Wonderful Animals" Grindelwald's Crime See the original "Original Screenplay" by Nanmee Books. Pre-ORDER books will be available free of charge and will be available in early 2062. One copy of a genuine copyright brochure for people who made reservations before November 30, 2011.

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