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The stock market rose 0.91 point after the dollar fell and Dow Jones was positive.

Today (Nov 13, 13) SET Today's trading session was 1,655.76 points, and trading volume rose 0.91 points (0.05%) with 23,386,177 thousand people. The Thai stock market is moving throughout the morning. The index was the highest at 1,658.42 and the lowest at 1,642.83.

Analysts rebounded after the SET fell to 1645. Most local markets except Indo-China were negative. The dollar was slightly weaker. Even for a short period of time, the main factors have not changed. The dollar is also grateful. Track oil prices with a brief downtrend. But this morning the Dow returned more than 100 points. The Monetary Policy Committee is expected to maintain interest rates tomorrow. This afternoon, the market still has a chance to recover, but strong resistance does not support 1,665 resistance 1,665 points.

Vijit Arayipisit, research director at Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand), said in the morning that the Thai stock market could recover after falling to 1645 points. Come on. Most Asian markets posted a Dow Jones decline of more than 2% last night. Except for the Indonesian market, we turned to a positive territory. After the dollar weakened slightly. Asian currencies have also gained some acceptance.

But I am looking for short-term rebound. The factors have not changed. The direction of the US dollar will be strengthened. We should also keep track of short-term oil prices. We are under a lot of pressure on the market.

But this morning, Dow Jones returned more than 100 points to relieve his anxiety. However, the size of the market traded yesterday was very small. One can share. Investors can not invest. Institutional investors wait to see the market. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will follow up on November 14th.

Mr. Vijit said the market had a chance to recover but would not be strong. 1,645 points, 1,665 points

Top five traded securities:

CPALL transaction value 1,700.62 million baht, closing 68.75 baht, 1.00 baht

PTT is 1.497.45 million baht, 50.25 baht, 0.50 baht

BEAUTY MARKET SURVEY … Beauty Market Survey …

The IVL transaction value was 90.37 billion baht, 54.50 baht, 0.25 baht

ADVANC's trading volume was 782.6 million baht, closing at 181.50 baht.

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