Saturday , June 3 2023

(News Clip) "Suthep" Walk the Earth. Visit "Chuan"


(News Clip) "Suthep" Walk the Earth. Visit "Chuan"

Walk the planet. Suan south of Suthep Tha came to Trang. He visited former prime minister of the Democratic Party Advisory Council (Chuan Leekpai). To thank my mother. It turned out that I did not find you. Because of Bangkok trip.

Invite people to the Pavilion and Trang. Sign up for Suthep Thaugsuban, a member of the party's Thai People's Party of Thailand in Thailand. You have to go to your house Chuan Leep. But do not tell him that you are in Bangkok and that you do not come back to Trang and Mr. Suthep does not come home to meet you to remember his brother's disaster. It is tradition to practice it. Come to Trang with the mission. Even when ordained as a monk. When it comes to Trang province. Showing my mother's gratitude and memories is a lost respect. Since the beginning. I have been honored since 1980, since 1979. As a political leader, he tells his uncle to invite the person to his eyes. I did not go back to Trang. It takes about 15 minutes from Baja to reach people. And above all, Mr. Chuan I respect the image of my mother. But Suthep and his colleagues visited tea and coffee shops and entered the market. Meet the people of the merchant and the Democratic Party and collect a few. "The goddess is like one of my children." Warm welcome We signaled the mourning of the mother of the Democratic Party of Surat Thani, who had spent her mother at a funeral a few years ago. Which is on the front.

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