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New cluster! Rong Kluea market: 126 new infections, 2 hospital beds left

New cluster! Rong Kluea market: 126 new infections, 2 hospital beds left

On July 19, 64 journalists reported that Dr. Praphat Phuekduang, a doctor of public health in Sa Kaeo Province, revealed that today the province of Sa Kaeo has found 126 new confirmed cases for the first time. Divided into 89 infected in the province and 37 infected from other areas, of the number of infected people in the province today It was caused by a new cluster in the vegetable market in Rong Kluea Market, Aranyaprathet District, Sa Kaeo Province, where ‘ t at least 55 Cambodians were infected in one day. It is currently considering closing the area. to prevent the spread of disease The districts with the highest infections were Aranyaprathet District with 57 cases, Mueang Sa Kaeo 15 cases, Khao Chakan 14 cases, Ta Phraya 2 cases and Khlong Hat 1 case, which resulted in a new wave of outbreaks of April-July 18. C.64 In total, 2221 confirmed cases were found, and 11 deaths were collected.

Reporters report that, however, after the infection was found, it increased continuously. As a result, the total number of beds in 13 hospitals and field hospitals in Sa Kaeo province, with a total of 705 beds, was used to treat 726 patients with COVID-19, with additional beds in different hospitals. As many as 103 beds at the moment make it now The hospital has only 2 empty beds left in Sakaeo Psychiatric Hospital, the rest is just a field hospital bed that can only accommodate 80 asymptomatic patients.

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