Tuesday , May 30 2023

New building Bang Saphan Hospital !! & # 39; Step & # 39; Remember & # 39; Friends & # 39; Drawing


Bangsaphan Hospital creates a new color that can be used to draw two organs to draw a large "Toon Slam" on the wall of a six-story building. "Step by step"

Yesterday (7th November) Dr. Cherd Manchayawat of the Bangsaphan Hospital Prachuapkhirikhan released many patients in the general public and hospitals. Take a picture. A large "toon slam" painting completed in 2015 on the side walls of the six-story building was carried out to commemorate the project's activities. Beginning with "Step by step", we began donating our first donation in December 2009. Bang Saphan 400km donated to Bangsaphan Hospital. 80 million baht to buy medical supplies. Construction of buildings to support services. And some of the donations to the Hospital Health Promotion District (MR.) To help patients in the Saphan area bed. And later, the lovers of the homeland cooperated with the hospital. Fundraising for large-scale drawing activities on building walls.

"In order to take pictures of the walls of a six-story building, the team spent about 10 days painting, using color budgets, and selling scaffolds over 100 baht, in support of homeland enthusiasts. A group of students named Templar Wess, a team of Techno Lat Krabang and a student team on November 10th, will travel to paint the body successfully initiated a fundraising activity Betong – Mae Sai. The front hall of the 6-storey building, planned to run for the second time from Bangkok to Bambapan in early December this year We will meet with students This activity will be jointly signed as a souvenir on the painting "Dr. Cherd Man said.

A large "body slam" on the wall of a six-story building completed in 2015 to commemorate the project's activities. "Step by step"
Thanks to the image of Facebook "Mag Tanakit"

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