Friday , July 30 2021

Motorcycle skids The head of the pool in Soi Chinnakhet Chainat-girl loses the whole brain


Chained Girls Drinking to Party Songkran with Friends Overnight until Morning Back in a Motorbike Pull on & # 39; s edge of & # 39; e foot The head of the electric pool at the road in Soi Chinnakhet Ngamwongwan Brains spread, surprising friends, finish alarm …

At 5:30 am, April 15, May. Gen. Maitri Malila, MD (research), Thung Song Hong Police Administration Recommendation of motorcycle crash, electric pole, injured and killed In Soi Ngamwongwan 47, Ngamwongwan Road Thung Song Hong Sub-district, Laksi District, Bangkok, the six searched in & # 39; near Soi Chinnakhet 2/18, found the body of woman Pornpimol and Rum, aged 40, in Chainat In a normal shoe Brain spread over the floor Approximately 10 meters, the Suzuki vegetable-white motorcycle was registered with the 390 Khop Surat Thani converts the seat to drop the floor.

In addition, there were 1 other wounds named Miss Angkhana Khamprasert, aged 23, who had forgotten to drink, not seriously while at & # 39; the edge of & # 39; the edge of the foot Smash And the wrong surface found a long shelter markets and an electric pole area Almost a brain bumped

Inquired of Mr. Kwan Chamanan, aged 26, to testify before the event, 22.00 on April 22, the dead and the injured came to sit and celebrate Songkran. With a group of friends, 5-6 people at restaurants in Soi Chinnakhet contain up to the morning By the deceased, a bike rides first. Even the dead, found a bike, turned around and died

In the first instance, the officer expected the deceased to vanish with the speed. Before he loses his head Until the headship with an electric pole died away It has to check the image of a CCTV camera as evidence For the following reasons.

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