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Leaving the house, must recite! 9 tips to make life safer |


  • Do not check in on social media in real time. Let the world know where you are and what you are doing
  • Look in the mirror Do not forget to look at the surroundings around you.
  • When getting on public transportation, choose a seat on the go.

Daily life during this period The most important thing is Face Mask Hand washing of alcohol to prevent COVID-19, but the cruelty of the world is not only this. There are still many dangers around us today.There is a good trick where you want everyone to get used to their safety in daily life.

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Do not check in really.

To be stylish, we need to take photos, check, upload photos, upload stories, if you shoot faster, the better. To really be a trendsetter, playing social media is wrong. But in the online world, we do not know whether the person who appears to us is good or bad. Not updating anything In real time, it prevents others from knowing where we are. What to do And most importantly Only time Upload no photos or status like this absolutely. “Living alone at home, so lonely” emphasize, emphasize, do not look for it !!! Because it is equivalent to changing the hole for the squirrel as well

Always walk in the opposite direction of the lane.

Sidewalks of Thailand? Just run away from the engine. It is difficult to walk without getting stuck on the tiles. But if you will provide extra security If you have to walk in the lane On the same plane as the walking car (Do not walk on footpaths) Everyone should walk right. That’s a trip across the lane Most of the time in Thailand the car will always drive on the left lane, whether it’s a big road or a small road in a lane, so we have to keep to the right. That we can see and be careful about the cars that come in the garden Because it is safer than walking and not see the car that follows behind

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Look back often

No matter where you walk, where you go, have a car or not The thing that should make it a habit is to look carefully at the front and back. Is anyone behind us? Is a car driving out this way? Left, right, front, back, how are you? I did not tell you to be paranoid. But it is best to be safe first

Look at all the mirrors around you.

Do not look wrong in the mirror to fill lipstick. But this mirror is the mirror that is the door. The windows of buildings, car mirrors, round glass that follow on the corner. Do not just walk through these mirrors, give a glimpse of what is wrong with our environment. Is there anything next?

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To answer “go to the hospital”

If you travel from home to where And then there are people who are not reliable. Or a stranger comes to greet Ask, where are you going? The quickest answer to save and cut is to answer “Go to the hospital”, because it is a place that seems serious, should be rushed and no one wants to follow

Stretch against the wall, press panel, elevator

Where do you stand when you get on the elevator? Most people would press on the floor they wanted and run to the end. Because he does not want to frustrate anyone or gets in the way But the safest position is to stand next to the control panel, turn his back against the wall and see the elevator keyboard. Because here can be seen in the whole hut If there is something strange Will the elevator immediately open-close

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Do not walk near a wall

If there is enough space Then walking a little distance from the wall is better Because we can not know what is behind the wall Or if there is danger at the end of the wall in the corner? But if the other side is a road with a car to and from Be careful left and right

Choose a seat on the hallway

Time to get on a public bus If the car is not too busy and can choose to sit To straighten the seat on the side of the aisle I believe most people want to sit next to the window so they can enjoy it view. But the hallways cannot be seen. But provide more safety Because it is easy to sit up When an emergency occurs, it will move faster.

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Shouted loudly “No !!!”.

If there is an emergency, shout out and throw away your embarrassment. But shouting in a loud voice For example no, hey, what are you doing? And provide on-time assistance

Ah, I thought this was scary. But taking precautions is a good thing that everyone should do. But Brother Pam believes thatDeck-D people have many other ways to increase their safety. Who has the habit of doing something? Let’s share!

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