Monday , May 17 2021

Leave the life sci-fi movie. HiVision has the latest version of EMUI 9.0 on the Huawei smartphone.

Think of the ultimate life. Like the future world The health line to switch smartphone scans and knows that eating is eating, every shock has a lot of calories. What is the name of the border? What is the history of & # 39; the border? Or a line that you see the cup and you want to know how much and click to buy.

No need to wait until 2020, now in 2018 can do smartphones! In addition to the recently installed HUAWEI Mate 20 Series, the # 1 comes with the worst EMUI 9.0 operating system, the latest generation of features for the future for everyone who uses it. Huawei scheme to update EMUI 9.0 on HUAWEI P20 Series smartphones and HUAWEI Mate 10 Series to find Ultimate Features this December. Therefore we came to the EMUI College 9.0.

Scan the calories in food. Freonish translation in honor. With a smartphone and AI

For EMUI 9.0 on Android P file system on HUAWEI Mate 20 Series smartphone, Huawei AI-technology AI (self-algorithm algorithm) supports support. Extremely interesting AI calories that can be used to monitor calories by volume. Disable the object with the camera, including HiVision. Use the scan camera to view information about the view. Famous paintings on the afternoon, or the HiTouch property you can click on the product image to print and print information. You can link to e-commerce top right now.

Tour abroad Travel the menu to eat. No illustrations. How can people help translate? Turn off the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtranslator smartphone to learn the foreign language menu, so we do not read real-designs.

It also has features such as 3D Live Object Modeling for creativity. Interactive simulation catalysts. By using a camera, scan your players or objects with 3D Depth Sensing Camera to create an AI Live as a nice model. From scary items after the movement in the office. And take a picture or mark it as a video.

EMUI 9.0 What's cool?

  • Personal care for Workaholic makes life easier. For pre-employment at the client office. Just save the file to the smartphone and share the presentation immediately on the screen. You can write screenshot in # Presentation. However, it does not protect privacy by entering incoming options and message messages on the big screen.
  • The EMUI 9.0 is able to efficiently and seamlessly utilize systematics. The overall performance was faster, with 12.9% faster than the previous version, a quick start of Instagram, 12% rapper Instagram and 11% Rapid Spotify.

  • Play it more than ever. The power of GPU Turbo makes gaming more speed and helps control the & # 39; the temperature of the machine does not dare to play games. The smartphone is stable and smooth in life.
  • Digital life with digital balance function, this helps the time of using smartphones to control the day. Which program's open in one day? How many hours? Users can limit the use of certain apps, for example, parents can limit the play time of 2 hours a day. It's gone to the kids. Do fun activities. Outside the house The smartphone can display a gray screen to remind us that it's time to sleep.
  • The EMUI 9.0 design is designed with new EMUI 9.0 environment with UI design with color, image and sound of nature. Improved UX with the emphasis on harder and more agile animation and multiple applications. The easy-to-use menu, beautiful simple menu and more categories. Support finger bicycles and step instead of pressing.

EMUI 9.0 Available HUAWEI Mate 20 Series And be ready to update it. HUAWEI P20 Series And HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro in December.

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