Monday , June 14 2021

Japan is released "office-room shower" in space

Disables "Epsilon -4" from "Japanese Space Agency" or "Jasa Grown Up" from Ushinohura Space Center In "Prefect Kagoshima Southern of Kyushu" Tomorrow morning A mission to launch satellite "Keune meteor shower" in space for the first time in the world

The ALE Space Entertainment Company (ALE) of Tokyo Developed a Miniature Satellite for the Stars Over the Sky of Hiroshima The Beginning of the Next Year It is part of the first experiment To render services for shooting stars

ALE satellites will release small round balls. It will shine sharply when it floods through the atmosphere Is an impression of a meteorodelas phenomenon

Mr. Nobuyoshi Fumimoto, a spokesperson for Jasa, revealed that the Epsilon-4 rocket is promoting 7 miniature satellites that show a variety of technological innovations

Early Friday afternoon Jasa confirms that all 7 satellites have been brought to the outside floor, as the plan has.

In one way, wife Lena Okajima, director of ALE, gave satellites the & # 39; t in & # 39; Liberating space became 400 balls on Friday, each having a top secret chemical formula. The satellite will hit the earth about 500 kilometers before reaching the beginning of & # 39;

The woman Okajima showed that 400 balls of medication are enough to see 20 – 30 artificial showers. Each meteor shower would not use more than 20 balls.

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