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It’s a crisis! Eight high COVID-19 killed today, 2,839 more infected

April 24, 2021


The current situation “COVID-19” indicates a serious crisis. The death toll has risen to eight, with nearly 3,000 more cases reported for the first time. Result in a cumulative total of more than 5.3 thousand patients

Coronavirus situation report 2019 Last accessed 24 April 2021 fanDepartment of Disease Control The situation calmed down a lot. After the situation is reported to the number of casesCOVID-19 As high as 2,839 cases were surpassed, which is the highest number when the outbreak occurred in Thailand. Make so far The cumulative total of 53,022 confirmed cases and 8 deaths have also been found, bringing the cumulative death toll to 129.

For the new cases of infection today in April. Of the 2,839 infections in the country, there were 2,523 new infections from surveillance and service systems, 304 proactive searches in the community, came from abroad, 12 were cured, 377 were killed, and 8 were killed. killed. There were 418 more critically ill patients, 113 had endotracheal tubes.

Eight high COVID-19 killed today, 2,839 more infected

Eight high COVID-19 killed today, 2,839 more infected

partLocationInfected with COVID-19 In the country From April 1, 64 to April 24, 64 found the numberInfected personCOVID-19 2,839 new cases, causing a new outbreak There have been 24,159 people infected.

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The new wave of cases of infection reflects that even more This outbreak Extremely serious Compared to Outbreak 2, in December 63, for three and a half months, collected 24,626 cases, but for this outbreak it lasted only 24 days, making the cumulative total at 2.4 thousand.

Handling ofgovernmentdat Genl Prayut Chan-o-cha The Prime Minister issued a statement on COVID-19 response on the evening of 23 April 2021, which could summarize four main points:

  • Covid fax

Currently, 2.1 million doses of the delivered vaccine have been accelerated, 1.05 million can be injected. Today (April 23, ’64), 8.4 hundred thousand people have been vaccinated, half of which is given to government personnel. And frontline officials will speed up the application for additional faxes. It aims to complete 100 million doses of the vaccine for 50 million people by the end of the year.

Previous supply 64 million doses of the vaccine COVID are divided into

AstraZeneca 61 million doses, delivery began in June, 6 million doses and 10 million doses per month.

Sinovac 2.5 million doses, 2 million doses were delivered on April 24, 2021 for another 500,000 doses.

Negotiate 5-10 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine and 5-10 million doses of Pfizer.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce It will help the government to provide the workers themselves with 10-15 million doses.

  • Favipiravir

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has a reserve. And distribute the drug Faavipiravir For the treatment of patients with COVID-19 More than three hundred thousand tablets And import an additional 2 million tablets

Eight high COVID-19 killed today, 2,839 more infected

  • Hospitals, Field Hospitals, and Hospitals

There is a bed for COVID patients And people at risk of contracting more than 28,000 beds in public hospitals. Private Hospital Field Hospitals and Hospitals

  • Budget

The government has drawn up a budget for economic recovery and restoration of about 3.8 billion baht, derived from the 1 trillion baht loan law, as part of the 2.4 billion baht economic recovery loan, amid fiscal year 2021, another 9.9 billion baht and the value 40 billion baht spent on COVID-19 relief

The most important factor in this new wave of outbreaks is symptoms. And COVID-19 What Past Outbreaks 1 and 2 are infected people.COVID-19 Symptoms range from mild to very severe, such as stuffy nose, sore throat, cough and fever, some with very severe symptoms. There will be symptoms of pneumonia. Or have trouble breathing

The most common symptoms are Fever (very fever 48 hours in a row), dry cough, lack of effort, lack of breathing, cough with mucus, difficulty breathing, sore throat, headache, can not smell the nose, tongue does not taste.

But found in this round “New COVID” More Is Many have symptoms “Reade each” “Runny nose “No fever “ Some cases have “rash”

Eight high COVID-19 killed today, 2,839 more infected

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