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Heroes Team Heroes! Ride a field in a forest, get a baby sick I go to the hospital.


Heroes Team Heroes! Ride a field in a forest, get a baby sick I'm not sure what to do. Thank you for all tears.

November 24 At the Royal Hospital. Border Patrol Police SchoolMoo 8, Mae Chan, Umphang, Tak, officials were informed by the villagers. The mountain is steep. I have 3 months old children with severe asthma. However, symptoms are dead. The staff had to help in helping help with a squat traveler who traveled more than seven kilometers. It can be reached at the station. But it seems that the child has a significant decline.

Officers ran to the radio by the mountain. Go to the King Taksin Hospital. To seek help from outside world Instant Emergency Medical Team by Dr. Something Taxin the Great With Army Aircraft Unit Naresuan forces Take a helicopter that flows from 'downtown Tak, quickly high mountains in 1 hour to get in & nbsp; to land the helipads.

Then the field is medical team with the lower pilot. Do not wait for the baby to check the baby in the helicopter. Time flows from & # 39; the steep mountains in & nbsp; a breeze in winter and can land along Mae Sot Airport. Send the little girl to the ambulance to move to the Mae Sot needle. The medical team retains the symptoms closely. The last mouse is out of danger.

Mr Nutima is 21 years old. Thank you for the tears. Thanks to all staff in the risk of helping her son go to hospital for safety. If traveling by plow or car, it takes more than 10 hours before the son to survive.

For the rescue of cardiovascular patients. With the help of a helicopter of & # 39; the army. It is the only bike that people can live in border areas. And far away, prosperity. If it is attained critical ill patients by a tractor will last long. And risk of life-related toddlers.

At present, the Royal Hospital. Border Patrol Political School Mae Chan To donate a second hand car donated four-bicycle donation to send patients instead of agricultural tractors. Because of the poor villagers who wait for games with the hope of life can not be born. If you have a car, it will help to get better. And the loss of life loses patients with higher mountain transport than the current tractor.

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