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Great! Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2018

Make a fun two-day spectacle in Pattaya. A great sport offers drivers for all ages under the concept "Ride for All" to stimulate Adrenaline with a variety of exciting rides. The family spin. To challenge performance in the outside world. With the opportunity to win a free flight to Paris to see the Tour de France in France.

Bangkok Bank CycleFest returned to the second year with a total of 2,600 participants from both Thai and foreign countries. Two of Thailand's important wheels in Pattaya. There are also exciting and interesting activities for everyone in the family in & nbsp; and many days. The race is held on a safe closed route. The intense spinning range is from 30 to 62 kilometers and the shorter distance for fun. Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2018 was held in Siam Country Club Pattaya, one of Thailand's popular sports tours, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.


Applicants may choose the character of 'competition' that requires the concept of "Ride for All", a personal race with multiple distances to choose. Until the spinning style of tooth. In addition, the Festival Dorp has a variety of recreational activities for people of all ages. Both stores sell bicycles. Restaurants and drinks Award-winning game of sponsors and musicians in a festive atmosphere. For those who enjoy the whole evening enjoy.

This event decides to improve the viability of people and the sustainability of society. The funeral of 720,000 baht will be donated to the Pater Ray Foundation, sponsors today. Abused children Besides these funds, candidates who register at the event can also contribute to the extra support of the Foundation. By believing


Dr. Tawee Lapitripirom, Vice President of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, said, "Bangkok Bank is pleased to support the support of cycling in Thailand, especially bicycles both in Thailand and coming from many foreign countries, making the bike this weekend. The Bangkok Bank CycleFest is also a good example of a continuous effort to organize organizations of organizations in Thailand, which is aimed at organizing agencies in Thailand to promote more fun in Thailand, with a spinning style. to promote the viability and sustainability of society and to promote Thailand as a place for international sporting events. "

"This activity does not only help to create a positive atmosphere for Pattaya, which strengthens the community by choosing for all ages to combine the exciting rivalry." The Bangkok Bank CycleFest has added an off-road race this year. For spinners who want to check their fitness limits, this is a type that greatly enhances the color of competition for this event, "said Dr. Tawalap added.


Bangkok Bank CycleFest also gave Andy Raymond School this year as the Ambassador of the event. Andy is a former professional cyclist and was the champion of the Tour de France (Tour de France). He can win the championship in the first professional bicycle rack of gamers. (Giro d 'Italia) in 2007, followed by the Champa-Bastia-Legia In the year 2010, Andy was the most successful tour of France when he won the category of junior champion. 3 consequences

"I'm glad I'll be involved in cycling in Thailand," said Andy Raymond Schalke. "In recent years, Tajunen and foreign circles around the world have been cycling. Up The cycle has become a popularity in Europe and has developed into a green physique cycling development. Cycling clubs grow at an eternal rate But that does mean that we have to ensure that our people have enough knowledge for safe spinning, especially on the road and the busy area. "


"To reach my great goal as a professional cyclist, I tell you the practice and self-control are the keys to success If you want to win, you must continually develop, always tell you that you have the opportunity to achieve great goals I also believe that cycling is a sport that affects equality Whether you are young or old are rich or poor or someone else.If your bike Everyone is a friend who hurts the same course and can freely I hope that it will inspire cyclist activity, not just as a sport, it's a part of everyone's life, "said Andy.

This year, the Bangkok Bank CycleFest is also represented by the famous actors Nuttaya Thepradat, Na Ayudhaya, Sweet Dawn, Dawn Panpanich, and Mint Vichit Kanjanapiruk. Thai Ambassadors Both Bangkok Bank Director and Communications I support career activities. And this is the driving force for all of us to come to organize this event completely.


Mr. Robby Henchman, Senior Vice President "The Ride for All" concept reflects the variety of cycling paths we offer to our participants of Bangkok Bank CycleFest. Unhindered support from appenders to the event. Event sponsors, organizers, and partners provide our worry activities that can offer blender of all age at the same time. An important part of Bangkok Bank CycleFest organizes public events, companies for businesses. This is to promote the viability of people in the Pattaya community. We would not be able to organize events for the spin-off community in Thailand or to benefit from the Ray Foundation. Without much support from Bangkok Bank and sponsors, this includes alliance partners, including Daikin and GS Battery. We are very thankful for our supporters and partners. "


Besides the wonderful competition, the candidates of Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2018 are also available to win a great prize. Free tickets for 2 people fly straight to Paris with a free 4-night stay to visit the Tour de France 2019 in France. The winners will be announced on Bangkok Bank CycleFest (www.BangkokBankCycleFest.com) on December 3th.

Bangkok Bank CycleFest is organized by IMG. Global leader in events, events, media and fashion. It is supported by Bangkok Bank. Alliate partners include Daikin, GS Battery, Aroma Media and Garmin.

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