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Fossil Puzzle / by Israeli art



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author : Art Israel

(World Today, Happiness Everyday, November 9-16, 2018)

Fossils and fossils are traces of organisms that have been preserved in rocks for millions of years. However, some of the fossils must be contemporary with the rock era and a sign of the modern era.

Glen Rose, Palatine River, Texas, USA It was called the Dinosaur Valley. It is one of the places where fossils are found. Many dinosaur footprints. But what is more interesting is that. Fossil footprints are found in this area.

The human fossil footprints of George Adam, a resident of Glen Rose in 1908, are found near fossil footprints found in dinosaurs. But no one knows much about this. Until 1938, fossils of human footprints were attracted to tourists.

The problem is that dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago when humans were born on the planet. Paleontologist Ronald Bird began to investigate this problem and found that the Adam family had come to the party. Live with alcohol, collect fossils, and sell dinosaur footprints.

George sells the fossilized dinosaur footprints for $ 15-30 until it is scarce. George carved rocks like dinosaur footprints sold to tourists. Since 1939, the United States has faced a serious recession. George decided to engrave the rock layers into human footprints to attract tourists.

Or is it true?

Fossil footprints, human footprints, fossil footprints, and dinosaur footprints will eventually end. However, in July 2000, the amateur archaeologist Alvis Delgal fossil footprint acrocorosaurus large carnivorous lived approximately 11.2 to 15 million years ago in the Palatine Basin. Nearly distant fossils have been found and human footprints are up to 11 inches long.

Both fossils have been analyzed with modern scientific tools. It is true that fossils are indisputably true. This has been discussed again. Many scientists still suspect that fossils of human footprints will be made later.

David Mayy believes that Alvis has discovered fossil footprints in rocks far from the river. We found a fossil footprint dinosaur, though it was not found in the same rock layer. This means that these two fossils occur over time.

In 2008, David brought two fossils to check with a CT scan. The rock density of the fossil footprints was found to be different. It is certain that the two fossils did not occur at the same time.

Fossil wear

1980 Jerry Stone Staff, Corvette Oil Human fossils of 40 million years ago in IRAANA, Texas, are rare. Human feet wear good boots. Wearing it is not as hard as rock. This fossil was later called limestone cowboy or limestone cowboy.

Fossilization of fossilized organisms takes millions of years. If the foot is 40 million years old, the boot is made of dinosaur leather. However, considering the unique garment itself, it turned out to be manufactured by MLL Ladies in San Angelo, Texas.

MLB Laddy is not 40 years old, but apparently it was built in 1936. 10 The needle stitch pattern is unique to the 1950s boots, but did you spend 40 million years as boot fossils for decades? No one can tell. Some people tried to explain that this fossil was found in a swamp, where some mineral deposits reacted to the tissue and turned into fossils.

Shoes in shoes

On June 1, 1968, William Meister discovered fossils of human footprints in rock formations not only in human footprints, but also between 300 and 6 million years in Antwerp Springs, Utah. But like a footprint.

Scientists believe humans were on Earth 100 to 200 million years ago, and people know the invention of shoes thousands of years ago. Fossil footprints are 300-600 thousand years old rock, it is very strange. But I was more surprised when the fossil was gone. Finding trilobite fossils Sea creatures were annihilated about 280 million years ago.

In other words, the wearer can step on his foot when he is alive. But shoes or even humans and calligraphy did not live at the same time. The stone that William discovered was a footprint. It is not a footprint. What is not strange?

Unlike believers, the world is thousands of years old. They believed that humans and dinosaurs lived together at the same time. The discovery of human fossils and dinosaurs in the same place is evidence of this belief.

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1. The footprints of the lecture are drawn.

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2. Keep your dinosaur footprints.

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3. Fossil footprints Acropolis toaster

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4. Fossils Human footprints are found along the footsteps of the Acropolis toaster.

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5. Foot fossil foot of boots

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6. 10 needle patterns

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7. Foot fossil seen from above.

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8. Fossil footprints and trilobites

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9. Trilobite

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