Saturday , June 19 2021

Fire at car dealership in Bang Phli area, wadded in Mercedes-Benz, left customers, only the wreck – Thairath

  1. Fire in a car action shop in Bang Phli district packs up the Mercedes-Benz car, leaving only the destroyed customers behind.Thairath
  2. The young man took 1 million cash to deposit the bank, drove all the time, the car burned, lost all the money and the
  3. Real badass! A young man driving a sedan brings in a million to deposit the bank, but on the way, the fire burns both the car and the money.Online manager
  4. 1 million baht burned in silver sedan | 05-05-64 | Green Hua News RoomThairath
  5. Unfortunately, the young man carried instead of 1 million to the bank, the car burned off, both the car and the money.Sanook
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