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Dr. Ruan Chuan "Yu Sung Woobi" November 17-18


2001 meteor shower phenomenon recorded by Sumetha Petchmee
Dr. Diando Di Yue shower November 17-18, "The King of the Fashionable King" dropped up to 10-15 times per hour. Look at the naked eye of Thailand without moonlight. North Eastern Lions Star Cluster

The National Astronomical Research Institute, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chulachomklao "Meteor Rain King" is a range of 10-15 moon without a maximum drop rate of .61 hours per hour after midnight at 11:17 am until dawn. Keep it well. Look at the naked eyes of Thailand. The North Eastern Lions star cluster is sure to be watching in the dark.

Suparerk Kanthanont, astronomical research services director, says that "meteor shower" or "meteor star" is a meteor shower that happens every November. This will be observed from midnight on November 17, 2018 until the northeastern part of November 18, 2018. Area near Lion Stars. Even that night was over. But the moon will return to the horizon at approximately 01:30.

"So the best time is after 2am.Ever 10-15 average crashes per hour.Leo's meteor shower is the brightest meteor shower.When passing through the air at a speed of 71 km per second,

Suparerk The meteor shower should be dark, light, or far away. The meteor shower is scattered across the sky. To shoot the meteor shower. You can not specify a direction. Predict and open the camera and see if the meteors continue to move through the camera. Stakeholders can be prepared and prepared during that period.

The meteor shower 55P The Tempel-Tuttle comet remains in orbit of the comet and orbit around the earth. The dust of those comets scratched the Earth 's atmosphere. It is lit as a flash of light, like a fireball across the sky. The direction of the meteor orbit accelerates the direction of the earth orbit around the sun. The velocity of dust particles entering the atmosphere is very fast. Up to 71 miles per second. The meteor shower is the brightest meteor shower. It has been called. "King of meteor rain"

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