Thursday , January 20 2022

Do not calm down! Menstrual pain, drugs do not disappear, the last two ovaries.


warning! Young people with severe abdominal pain. Let's not think of anything. Second, ovariectomy removes chocolate cysts from the ovaries. I do not know what to do.

Facebook has often posted posters to warn women with menstrual pain. Self medication always on menstrual cramps. I am 29 years old and grow up. Compulsive abdominal pain. And from reading a lot. The post I wrote about it was scary.

My stomach did not hurt until I was hospitalized. Your doctor has ultrasound and x-rays. I could not find anything to appreciate one night and I got the doctor 's promise. There is ultrasound. X-rays and internal tests followed. I did not find anything this time. The doctor concluded that the pain may be due to vaginal infection. This is because there are many vaginal secretions. Then eat and eat medicine. However, abdominal pain occurs more frequently. Then we still think that we do not have time to eat.

My stomach hurts by the morning of November 12, 61. I do not want to go home to a doctor. An ultrasound doctor again. And found on the ship. I sent it to the local hospital. For surgery it is ovarian cysts and it breaks down. To cut the ovaries. And the ovaries are too big to cut both.

So we do not have ovaries so we get into the golden age before getting older. After this, we need to take care of more. Pay special attention. It is because our bodies can not produce hormones by themselves. But the doctor gave us acupuncture. Many health effects. It is deposited for menstrual pain. Let's check before calling. Notifications are an example.

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