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Daily horoscopes on April 15, 2019 | Daily News

Solar April 15, 2019, 2019 Lunar calendar Survival fund on Monday, up to 11 nights, 5 years, Gunsuntharit, Chulakrach 1380, Arthit Uthai, 06.05 hour. Really noon About 12.19 o'clock. Sunset 18.31 hours. Fall At 02.51 hours.

Today On 00.00-01.30, Dao Chan, the magazine of a good opportunity The magazine of a magazine, the favorable opportunity of & # 39; a 10th, consists of a master block of a burial opportunity, which means that the request is not often less than 00.00-24.00 hr. The favored direction – Southwestern corner Unguilded direction – north east Day color – white Increased color – black, purple, gray, unfortunate color – red, rot, orange, magazine, stars, Sri Sathit archive The Zodiac that Kali Sithit – Aries

Born boy today Is a person who has the capacity and capabilities in any arts, academics, open, fresh, pleasant, happy, pleasant, worthy, seems to dress, agile, agile, agile There is no family to earn. But relied on relatives Close friends Girl Good looks, answers, strong thoughts, high spirit, intelligence Like education There are those who give mercy to support Prosperous Stable evidence Happy family

Sunday Mercy lovers support, help get old fabrics used. Be Excellent Friends in Important Events There is a need for money to earn money. There is a graduation Must ensure good care for the family Treatment of health Be a good doctor and find good medicine to treat

Born on Monday Do you want souvenirs, gifts, adults, relatives, sickness, medical treatment Need to be happy The work provided widespread financial success with many incomes. Lovers can adjust their reason. There are foreigners coming to the club. With enthusiasm for work

Born on tuesday She gets training at a higher level There is a lot of work to do to work at home. Think About Financial Attention There is a need for money to earn money. Be careful to get close to problems. Almost More Training Improving Reason for Improving It Right Around You

Born on Wednesday Do you want a happiness, act, repair, change homes, live, cars, offices Happy to be friends Your love will carry out Helps adults Children of our family must travel. There is a little bit of love in the story.

Born on Thursday Lost items are returned. There are concerns about the problems of families and homes. Get gold With diligence in work There is a love party. Finances have clear channels. Do you want to have a risk of being won at & # 39; an important summer month Try many people

Born on Friday Make Important Work to Do Deal with various burdens that are hard to bear Friends for you Determine the existing issues. Keep valuable items lost if they are tracked. In the opinion of those around you hear press release and success

Born on saturday day The work has clear avenues. Revenue to do important work Can solve several problems and obstacles, get the other counterparty, pay attention to our life and our family Worried about old things, traveling, negotiating will be successful. Things to be Keeping Good To Try Trying to Remove.

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