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City of the Big City! "Anguero" leaves the home of West Ham.


City of the Big City!

"The Blues" Manchester City is set to win the crown to earn the league by Sergio Aguero and try not to hit "Hammer" West Ham. English Premier League football Saturday Saturday 24 November This is live: BEIN SPORTS 3, time: 22.00.

Premier League Preview
Saturday, November 24, 2018
West Ham (13) – Manchester City(1)
: BEIN SPORTS 3, Time : 22.00

Pitch : London Stampede
Manuel Cagliari, the manager of the team "Hammer", has not defeated three successive games to rank 13 in the premier league before the national team they enter. Huddersfield Town 1-1.

Cigarettes are full of heads. There are five players in the field, including Andrey Yarmolenko (hamstring), Carlos Sanchez (knee), Manuel Lanzini knee), Winston Reed (knee) and Ryan Frederick (shin).

But it's a good news that Jack Wilshire and Andy Carroll have his knees previously back to practice normally. And have a name in this game with at least one backup.

Pep Guardiola, the "Blue Sail" coach, sold for the Premier League with 12 wins, 10 signs, 2 signs, never lost, leaves people in the final shape. 3-1 in Derby game in Etihad Stadium.

The team must win Bernardo Silva's health, pain from the national team, where the day Portugal is always with Poland, it does not miss the field.

Kevin De Breu (knee) and Benjamin Mendi (knee surgery) are two people who can not play the course. This is the chance that Fabian Delph is also used in the left-right position.

List of players expected to field.
West Ham (4-1-4-1) : Lucas Fabianski – Pablo Zabaleta, Fabian Balboa, Izzo Diop, Aaron Crestwell – The Clan Rice – Mikhail Antoine Antonio, Pedro Obi, Jack Wilshere, Felipe Anderson – Marco Arnautov
Team manager : Manuel Cagliari

Manchester City (4-3-3) : Adair Morais – Kyle Walker, John Stones, Emeritus Lauderdale, Fabian Delphi – Riyadh Maharez, Fairplayin, Da Silva – Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Laura Saane
Team manager : Pepperdio

Referee : Andre Marriner

More interesting information.
– has more than 2.5 times in the last eight home games in West Ham to get Manchester City taken.
– Manchester City has hit 9 of her last 11 visits in the Premier League.
– Manchester City beat the last six teams to find all West Ham.
– Manchester City will have a lead in the first half. And won the game 7 of the last eight matches in # 39; a Premier League.
– Manchester City will have at least 3 goals per match over their last four visits to West Ham.
– Manchester City will have a lead in the first half. And win the game up to 6 out of 8 last visit to West Ham.
– Manchester City keeps clean leaves 5 out of 6 recent visitors in the Premier League.
– have less than 2.5 to 5 of their last 6 Premier League performances in # Premier League.

The results of the past.
Month / Year Result List
29-04-2014 West Ham United 1 – 4 Manchester City
03/12/17 Manchester City Premier League 2 – 1 West Ham
04/08/17 Freonskiplike wedstriid Manchester City 3 – 0 West Ham
02/02/17 Premier League West Ham 0 – 4 Manchester City
07/01/17 FA Cup West Ham 0 – 5 Manchester City
28/08/16 Manchester City Premier League 3 – 1 West Ham

Five shots
West Ham
10/11/18 knip Huddersfield 1-1 (weg) English Premier League
03/11/18 win over Burnley 4-2 (Homecoming)
27/10/18 Leicester City 1-1 (away) English Premier League
20/10/18 Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 (Homecoming) Premier League
06/10/18 After Brighton lost 0-1 (away) English Premier League

Manchester City
11/11/18 win Manchester United 3-1 (Homecoming) Premier League
07/11/18 Chuck Norwich 6-0 (home) Chad
04/11/18 Southampton beat Southampton 6-1 (Homecoming) Premier League
01/11/18 Fulham win 2-0 (homecoming) League Cup
30/10/18 win over Tottenham 1-0 (left)

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