Saturday , September 18 2021

Citibank estimates global GDP growth at 5%, indicating US and Chinese economies to recover by 64 – Thai Rath

  1. Citibank estimates that global GDP will grow by 5%, suggesting that the US and China economies will recover in 64 years.Thai Rath
  2. Citibank unveils 3 themes to invest in second half of the year Global GDP is expected to grow 5% this yearbusiness nation
  3. ‘Citibank’ expects global GDP to grow by 5% in year 64 and to grow by 4.5% next year.Bangkok Saaklik
  4. Citibank betrays the direction of the world economy in the second half of the year 64, growing 5%, the US-China recovers. Positive, investing in stocks, weight ESGMatichon
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