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Chaba Glass The elephant got the Asian Cup. SEA Games, Thai Mission, 2019

The new era of 2019 began, first "Thai Rath Sport" must apply for Happy New Year to all fans. Let's be a good year for everyone. Healthy Draft to Study Career Development No suffering, illness Luckily as intended especially the economy, let's make it better Or at least not worse than the old enough …

Continue the New Year in The driving force of the Thai sports world continues. And if they see the whole competition program the whole year Listen to that this year is not inferior to all previous years There are many sports programs for Thai fans to watch. And the same thing

What are the parts? We collect the principles that are known.

Start with big sports as first football. The Mission of the Thai National Team There are both worldwide and Asian

Starting from a Fissy Championships like the AFC Asian Cup 2019, it is considered to be the largest teachers' scandal in Asia. Immediately remove the match From January 5 through February 1, in United Arab Emirates or UAE, there are 24 participants present, divided into 6 groups, each group of 4 teams, leading the champion and each group champion. Combine with the top 3 teams, the best 4 teams, through the knockout or the next 16 teams

By "wars", a great Thai national team in the A division, in & # 39; a month with "host" UAE, India and Bahrain, start of the field starts January 5, meet in India, then January 10, hit Bahrain and the last round of "first round", January 14, UAE game

While "Chaba Kaew" Thai-national female foul team is White's history from & # 39; a second time in & # 39; a competition Women's Football World Championship "2019 FIFA Women's World Cup" on June 7 – July 7 in France where they were made in 2015 in Canada. Thai girls, despite the first elements But made a hit by defeating the Ivory Coast 3-2, the first victory in the & # 39; World Cup final of & # 39; a Thai Thai team

If the results of the lottery, the competition of 24 teams that matched the last round, are 6 groups, each group of 4 teams appears that Cuckoo girls are very serious. The F-group in partnership with the "old championship", US, Chile, Sweden There are France, South Korea, Norway, Nigeria, Germany, China, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Brazil , Jamaica, England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan and Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand, the Netherlands

Chaba Kaeo starts the field on June 11, meet with the United States on June 16, meet Sweden and on June 20 duel Chile. See if there are a number of statistics at home for Thai girls. !

Then the queue of public sports Like volleyball The Thai national team managed the rubber ball. Want to participate in the full volleyball tournament of the Nation League, the first round from May 21 to June 20. All 5 stadiums last year, ending 15, of which there are 16 participating teams

The first week, 21-23 May, group 1 Poland (host), Italy, Thailand, Germany, week 2, 28-30 May, Group 7 China (host), Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, week 3, 4- June 6, group 11, Thailand (host), Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Turkey, week 4, 11-13 June, Group 15, Japan (host), Serbia, Thailand, Brazil And week 5, 18-20 June, Group 19 Russia (host), Thailand, Netherlands, US

Then there is the big sports festival. What is an important mission of Thai athletes Will travel to join the 30th SEA game, Nov 30 – 11 December, at & # 39; The Philippines. Which ASEAN Sports Sports Paths There is no easy time for Thai athletes. This time too And fun as serious as before When hosting Philippines, there are many sporting events, more than 50 sports.

But so far, not yet And many nationalities have protested in some types of sports that have been won at the same time There are many types of sports that are universal. But was cut off Every people is still lobbying. Then have to wait and see in & rdquo; ll re-categorize again And what kind of sport How many gold medals?

However, there needs to be a lot of support for the game, where it moves, competes with each other, some sports. Then the gold medal hit No one is willing What about the 10th ASEAN Para Games in & # 39; a Philippines Continue in the beginning of the year 2020

And that should not be forgotten For that, Thailand will be the "Moto GP" World Cup racing race, the 15 stadium of all 19 stadiums, on October 4-6 in Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Moto GP. This time we are organizing for the 2nd year. Of all that has been won 3 times. Motorsport fans wanting to open a new experience Or failed from the first year Can go and see

In addition to competing several programs in the year 2019, Thai-national team-athletes in various sports have to crawl and collect points to win the quota to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan too

For example, the Clever team succeeded in a rubber ball, a Thai girl who was one of the 24 first teams in & # 39; e world can be anyone to qualify for volleyball, olympic stuff from women. In the international qualifying program on 2-4 August there will be a total of 24 teams, divided into 6 groups, each group of 4 teams meeting in the group group championship, 6 teams going to Tokyo Games. What if it is missing Have a continual qualification match Select each of five continents to win the roundabout Which Asia will compete in January 2020 and combine with another Japanese host There will be a total of 12 teams to compete.

There is also a team of Thai national power team. Will collect points for the person In & # 39; a World Cup match of & # 39; A World Cup 2019 organized Thailand this 18-27 September in Pattaya. In addition, there will also be a Taekwondo to successfully track the scores of the world's Grand Prix, which we "tennis" have Panipak Wongpattanakit, the first hand of & # 39; a 49 kg female world, is a candidate at Go to the Olympic Games 2020

"Rattoon", Mr. Natthawut Ruangvees, deputy governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Sports Supply, Excellence and Sports Science, said this year's main mission is "Thai athletes". SEA Games, including ASEAN Para Games. That will start in the beginning of the year. Television athletes also have to deal with a qualifier match to go to the Olympic Games. In various programs, too

"SAT has set up an entire athlete's system through the Road2 Tokyo project, where SEA Games is considered one of the project's competition. It is the preparation of the team to reach the bigger game "Believing that athletes' concerns are good at the end of Thai athletes," said Natthawut.

All this is the mission of the Thai army that will last all year. Request all parties to perform their functions completely

Especially the national team athletes should be deeply aware, for the purpose of practicing, and accepting various criticisms of people, for every penny each penny is

Is everyone's tax And then further develop their own skills

Of course, good achievements Bad results Care and success for the whole country …

"Thai Rath Sports Ground"

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