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Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women in Thailand and around the world.


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& # 39;Breast cancer& # 39;Breast cancer continues to be a common cancer. One Thai women and the whole world. A disease that women should focus on. Especially those in the risk group.

Nop.. Cancer specialist Phramongkutklao Hospital said people in the risk group can prevent the subsequent risks of cancer. Breast cancer screening. Breast cancer screening is done by you and your doctor. Reduce mortality from breast cancer combined with mammograms by as much as%. 30


"When cancer is found early. If a health care professional has been properly treated, it can be cured."

Current breast cancer situation. It is going in the right direction. Advanced medical technology. Better Screening System Diagnosis Improvement Nowadays, carers are taking care of their own health. It can detect more cancers in the early stages. The chance of healing is better with it.

The patient is diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment is performed by a team of doctors in various fields such as surgeons, radiologists and cancer specialists. Join the most appropriate and most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

Choice for breast cancer treatment. I have surgery. Ideal for early detection of breast cancer. Currently no total mastectomy is needed. You can choose breast surgery. Cutting of breast tissue adjacent to breast cancer, the use of radiotherapy or so called. "Research/radiation"

Hormonal therapy is also available. Or an antihormonal agent. Use it sensitively for any kind of hormone. Chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) Or chemotherapy

A new approach is to use drugs that specialize in cancer cells. Target therapy This is cancer-specific drug therapy that is sensitive to certain drug-specific diseases.

Nop.The country said. The patient has a basic understanding of breast cancer. The patient can talk to the doctor about the disease and the treatment is clearer. And you have to take good care of yourself with the disease. There is a lot of information on the internet these days.

"However, the doctor advised the patients to choose a reliable source. Thai Cancer Society website. Or if you use your smartphone regularly. You can download named applications. Pink reminder Breast Cancer Awareness Preliminarily test whether we are at risk. Self test technique Finding Cancer Care Center Frequently Asked Questions There is also a Czech check-up function with your doctor." Nop.Yan State

Narumon pharmacist

Naruemol Qin Kamolthong, MD, share an early stage breast cancer patient experience. "At the age of breast lumps. 34 Year is not in the risk group. I started to consult the doctor. Breast cancer appears at an early stage. Which is very lucky. I feel it is recovering quickly.

"Treatment of each cancer patient is not the same. Because we are breasts 2 I also treat each other. It was left as a hormone medicine by light. Both light and chemical light right, so I recommend that all women take care of their health and breasts. If you have chunks or your own breast is abnormal. Look for reliable sources. Go to your doctor. Breast cancer is not as scary as I thought." Naruemo pharmacy

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