Tuesday , October 26 2021

Boy, I mean, James! I feel guilty of opening a fan club.


"It's a good thing," he said. Dig-paintings and history as the Great-Warrin the doctor has caused a deaf girl to leave. I do not know what to do. Especially young James was killed by a great fan club. Son discovered. "I'm sympathetic for you, the day I was interviewed and came together to work together, he looks tough." James says he regrets surprising fans? "I think he will feel a lot inside, but James says little. Do we have our encouragement? "I'm still in the group, and I know that James is a very good day, it's a lot about how to feel the fans."

James looks very stressful "Not with the root, but look at the symptoms I type in an apology group if it affects a younger" Do we feel that our cold makes people photographing? "I have to tell you that I'm close, it's time to leave the list, it will be scattered each other, each of us is different, but we all have different points to distinguish. I do not think it's okay, but it's not enough, it's not good, it's okay, I'm getting it, James said he was not angry, Want to go down? "The truth is that we have time together Together we know the limits of watching, but if it has the effect, it must be adapted to light What game plays I can not play" Netizens lost the story of James' daughter? "The story he grasps, I did not look at this great size, but I can see the news and reaction of a younger brother, I have to tell the younger brother and tell them.

Great – Warn it open the hot girl face? "I'm really close together, this is a great story, it's going to be privy, I do not really notice anything." I'm afraid we will open the flu. "I have no one now, if it is, then it will be open, I do not know it. Is it time to have one, I have nothing to do, it may not be known that this person's dating is. it has seen, then I say " We are a fan club. If one day is over, will he not really? "No, I'm old, I'm going to have a girlfriend." Are you James advised? "We have not talk about it, so we've talked a lot about it, and we really did not know it, and most of all, James did not say it all right, but he is frugal, but this time he will not say. It was wrong to lie to him. Sorry. "

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