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Bank of Thailand prepares to set aside 7 billion baht in COVID Year ’64 impact

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Thor, Prepared for the impact of COVID Set extra aside 7,000 Million baht Along with the first quarter of the year’64 Rush profit 3,300 Million baht New credit 46,847 th most common Million baht Aim to be released throughout the year 215,000 Million baht

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai Managing director Rykshúsfestingbank That revealed In the year 2564 it The bank will reserve a payment for doubtful debts. 6,000-7,000 Million baht To advise on the effects of COVID-19 In the past, the bank has gradually reserved a facility for doubtful accounts of up to and including 100,502 Million baht Or be counted in proportion to NPL Up to 183% This reflects the stability and willingness to handle the effects of COVID-19 In the future

At the same time Thor,It was the first state-owned financial institution to have excessive facilities. 100,000 Million baht While the ratio of capital funds to risk capital (BIS ratio) Still at a strong level 15.60% Which is higher than the minimum capital fund percentage that the Bank of Thailand (Bot.) set To make by End of quarter 1 The bank’s net profit amounted to 3,300 Million baht

Mr. Chatchai Say Quarter performance 1 Of the year 2564 From the problem of the outbreak of the coronavirus2019 (COVID-19) A new wave since the end of the year 2563 Continue to the beginning of the year 2564 As a result, some people put off their decision to buy their homes at the beginning of the year This can be reflected in the number of new loan ranges. 3 The first month of the year 2564 (An appointment 1 January–31 March 2564) Compared to the same period of the previous year Can release number 46,847 th most common Million baht 29,945 rackCut down 10.79% But it does not affect the new credit score. Placed 215,000 Million baht

For the new loans Divided into new loans for people with low and middle incomes, the loan limit is no more than 2 Million baht number 20,686 th most common Million baht And for those who apply for a credit limit 2 Million baht number 26,161 Million baht As a result, the bank has a total outstanding loan balance. 1,346,920 Million baht And have debt that does not generate income (NPL) number 54,857 Million baht Think of 4.07% Of total loan amount Increased from by The end of the year 2563 Which has NPL By 47,572 Million baht Or remember3.60% Of total credit

number NPL The increase resulting from existing Bank customers who have taken measures to help mitigate COVID-19 Term 1 And not against the Bank’s assistance measures 2 In addition, there are some customers who still have income issues. number 3,098 Million baht And about 122 Million baht Is a customer of the transfer Haven Received after merger with the Secondary Mortgage Corporation of Smatter, With status NPL That unraveled to transfer the business asset On the rightdebt Capital city And the obligations of Smatter, Indicate Thor. ”

While providing assistance to customers affected by COVID-19 Term 2 pastproject Thor, Total Thai Create a nation year 2564 ” With measures to reduce payment in installments And extending the period of assistance to existing customers who were in the measure that year 2563 After closing the customer to register, asking for help expanding 31 March 2564 With customers participating in all measures 117,765 rack Invoices made for the remaining amount 112,694 Million baht

This With customers on 103,587 rack Invoices made for the remaining amount 98,128 Million baht Or remember 87% With the status of annuity payment according to the terms of the measure As for the extension of the assistance period, customers who are still affected byCOVID-19 In measures 2 Stay on the client and pay only monthly interest. For a period of time 1 year No. 31 December 2564 These are open for registration during the day 1-29 March 2564 Found that all customers participated in the measures 5,285 rack Invoices made for the remaining amount 5,364 Million baht

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