Friday , July 30 2021

Away better! Fabregas showed that Gorgono was a true love, Sari.

Monaco's smart midfielder, Chase Farras, gave Chelsea's manager Mauricio Ozari over George Ginho's face outside his eyes as if he were a baby. Make his decision to move eventually

"I usually like to play with new tags, new systems." Chase opened the problem.

"I really have the opportunity to earn my contract with Chelsea and stay in England for many years. But with the arrival of new coaches, things have changed. Particularly as a concern for some players as a really lovely child"

"That is one factor that makes my situation easier from normal, that doesn't play a game yet. And with love to play football, therefore, there are other details along with the Chelsea player's pleasure "

"Therefore, you are looking for new opportunities for yourself by becoming an important person of that project. Therefore, an important factor considered this to be my choice to go to Monaco."

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