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& # 39; Krisda & # 39; gives large agriculture Cocoa planta set up to replace rubber waves over 25 years.


On November 27, the Director, Krisda Boonracha, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative, sent a message by the request to the Secretary of State of Agriculture and Genocide, the State Administration and State Enterprises. Cocoa production planning replaces rubber plantation.
Follow the plant situation. Farmers know that domestic and global markets at this time cocoa ask. In addition, farmers are interested in growing cocoa, the price is relatively high compared to other plants.

At the same time, the government has set up measures to address the problem of rubber pricing by reducing the production of rubber to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign markets by other groups.

To plan production in line with market claims, this is a certain direction for the reform of the agricultural sector, the government has started to make. The Rice Project The project to promote the public power to support corn post-season farming, etc.

Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Genetics, Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Genetics. Department of Agriculture / Academic Affairs / Department of Agriculture / Ministry of Agriculture and Genetics / Higher Education and Research Institute, and so on.

1. Study how much international and international marketing information of cocoa plants are desirable.

2. Drafting on the conditions that are used for plans of Zoning by Agri Card, where '39 regions of Thailand are suitable for plants and can support plants in rubber plant instead of rubber. Old or growth in rubber plantation or not.

Estimates of costs and problems in comparison to the value of culture / maintenance between grits and cocoa processing in cocoa production kits.

4. If the results show that the area of ​​Thailand is suitable for the growth and cocoa product and also provides a cost-effective return on investment, the Agriculture Production Plan
Cocoa can be used to support the growth of maize. The model used in producing cocoa in this time.

5. Other

FYI: Thai cocoa is not common! Take Thai Chocolates to Global Awards – Thailand has the potential to grow bigger.
It is expected that. The world goes into a future in a shortage of cocoa. It began to look more interested in cocoa. In Thailand Cocoa grew up in Thailand. I did not try the other country.
A week ago Chocolate News Thailand's "Prada" to get two world prize for chocolate made from Cocoa Thailand. Chocolate milk is 58% of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Milk chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 50% made of cocoa from one single source, and special gold medal. For chocolates in the country of their own.
Pantai & # 39; is a brand of Thai chocolate made from the combination of buddies. Everyone is graduated in food science. He has experience in producing food and drink, especially coffee and chocolate for many years. The story begins when they see the cocoa in the back of village villagers in Nakhon Si Thammarat. What is not the original, but what is not used to spare the children to play them to think about the value of this cocoa. And generate revenue for community by purchasing each minister together. One of the partners is the Cacao Processor, responsible for grooming and dry sediments at home in Nakhon Si Thammarat. And its name is the origin of the brand. Therefore, the name sounds good.
This brand of Thai chocolate He opened a small store in Bangkok, near the metropolitan area of ​​Bangkok, where the chocolate factory is located. Try a coffee and a coffee shop for cocoa and cocoa. Open your eyes to the process of making chewing all through the glass with a large glass.
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