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Hitman 2

1,980 Baht

Graphics and presentation

8.0 / 10


9.5 / 10


7.5 / 10


8.5 / 10

Value for money

9.0 / 10


  • Excellent design.
  • Independence and variety of play options.
  • Our character screens and help system are much more. But hindering in the game is the same.
  • Different modes of play change.

Points of view

  • The graphics do not miss the same game.
  • Older fans can feel that the game is not the same challenge.
  • How can the story explain.

After Ubisoft tried to capture the Assassin's Creed series as an action-based game of Origins, the old and new faces of the series began to recover their population. This year decided to use the development team of philosophy. "If it is good, it will change, it's what it is." Then focus on the original to be more perfect. Deep in depth. And the key is to increase the size of it's great. The background is the ancient Greek world. The world is full of warriors. Filters came in & Lock A symbols of a Greek god with the legendary demon

We must say that Odyssey is the biggest Assassin's Creed game. But the greatness is a swaddler. It's great to sting, but it makes the sword to the other hand and drives the hand that often happens, and try it in detail. Gamers, fighters and gamers Mercenaries.

Welcome to the wonderful Greek.

How much is it?

The first point that the eyes of all gamers succeed since the opening of this game is the great size of it. It is well-known that the use of background is an ancient Greek epic. The game will tell the story of the trip to build a reputation of a housewife Kassandra, a young warrior Alexios, who sought a family member for divorce. And although the story will be the same, however, or if you choose for female protagonist or male protagonist. But the voice and personality of Kassandra is more interesting than the hero of the great old Alexios so much that it does not know that the development team did not use them as the protagonist coverage on the game.

The Spartans also have a similar behavior.

For the main story, it's fun to look at the level. I have a point. What a surprise for me. Alas, however, it is not a great thing, it is uplifting the garlic home. But the game of the game on the story of a protagonist family, compared to # 39; The war between Sparta and Athens, has made the story much deeper. The point that finds out is that the story of Odyssey is a preacher of Assassin's Creed, all other parts, and almost no expectation of the story in # 39; the future seafers and templars.

Go to new people, such as the philosopher, known as Socrates.

Even if Kassandra or Alexios come out of the first island. You will know that the card in this game is a big mistake. In addition to the size of the largest map of the game ever made. The activities that are available are also great many. The most important mission of the story. Additional missions come with some interesting short stories, scenic points to open the location, fast trips, boat cats, and wrecked wrecks for scuba diving. The voluntary joggers at arbitrary games will always come to you, the events, the limited hours, and the other eight million have been recorded for hours. The activity is much more than Thailand, this life insurance will come to you without the flight.

On & # 39; the greatness of & # 39; the distance.

At this point, the game can not be open or Assassin's Creed never before, but I did not know where to start first. Time to start the game of the game. You will find that it is not as bad as thought. For almost all activities to return to your character in one way or another. You probably got the xp in that time to see the character we are going back to look at the page. Or sometimes the direct story may be direct influence, it is possible.

This is Sparta!

There are no "300" scenes in the game.

Of course, the Spartans in ancient Greece. How to prevent the spear from the sword. The battle system in this sector is based on the origin of # 39; the transition from # emphasis on & # 39; attack on the teeth of # Assassin's Creed. Previously it was a combination of teeth, teeth, light, dodge and parry to go on in the game. Actions In addition, players can choose from a variety of weapons and also have the ability to choose when the role-playing game (RPG), where at that point Odyssey has increased itself to play a more rigorous role than the Origins. The farm-level system called each other to complete each attack, it will have a lot of damage and all enemies have a level on their heads. When you tell you a mission or an enemy, you will be rewarded with experience, money and minerals in the game. The experience will be used to stand and then take a moment to buy, buy Jager, Warrior, or Assassin, which can find your play style. The money is used to buy weapons to buy weapons. And minerals, it's a positive hit on yourself better.

If you get more than one fingertip. The abdomen was born.

Obviously, the depth and variety of add-ons make the enemies of the gaming more thrilling. It also applies the player to take high stabs with heavy fighters. To plunder it is used. The Odyssey system is not as exciting as the full action action, such as God of War or Spider-Man, there are still some cases when we fight more than one enemy. They usually sweep the back and swing your feet together so you can not combine anything. If you get a backbone of a backbone, it will not help.

The slaughter zone should be chosen in films 300, so it should be a comic Tom & Jerry, you will walk away. Become two times back to two enemy enemies Then go away to the enemy. That's it, the protagonist looks gloomy. In addition, the arsenal of hostile flesh is still light. The satisfaction that Kratos brings all into one serious and fatal assault. The story may sound a bit, but it really affects the fun of the game, not the game itself.


Another astonishing point for the game called "Killer" is the assassination system in this game that it launches to be so frustrated by the system to locate and track the visibility of the enemy. It is not easy for the players to easily reach the goal, and to stop the goal to stop it, but also to reach and reach the item point. Extraordinary. If the game does not stimulate the player to dress or kill.

The entire Greek world in your hands.

What are you doing here?

Another horrible point in Odyssey is that the design of # Scene and almost all missions in the game were developed to choose the player to choose the right tactic to act. It will be tackled in the camp without showing anyone. The enemy kept silent. Or the sword fell to fight with the enemy first.

At this point, think of 'Outpost hit missions in & # 39; Far Cry game, ash on a bow and sword instead of a machine gun. The mission is open and feel that you are the real killer, the most real voice is seen as a missile hunting Kult-lid of the Cosmos coffee that you find the middle of the game. You have to do this. Search and Try to apply the principles to view the face of the target. After doing, I have to break the same plan in order to sleep in the doctor. Some people have high libraries, but also good fight. Some are back in the back. And some of them sat in the air. The player must think and analyze the way to start from the start to make this way it offers both challenges. Excitement And it makes the victory even sugar or any other.

If you get a lot of money, your hunters will be held by the hunters.

In addition to the open mission, the social system in Odyssey is also interacting with the actions of the game clearly. If you have the content of & # 39; The NPC character in the game will secretly juggle or move around to surround the city. People in the neighborhood will start you, walk away, or sometimes they will be able to take up arms against you. When you get started, you are banned. This will result in a bond of financial companies that are mini-boss to talk to you.

Players can also participate in the battle with the Spartan or Athenian troops and destroy the influence of another nation on every island. You can get a nationalist army that you do not like to plunder, or hold the eternal commander, until the influence of the nation is on the bottom. Then the big battle to destroy the opponent. If you want to win the battle. You see soldiers from the victorious army to occupy the island. These details show that your actions have a genuine influence on the ancient Greek world.

The style of Spartans is sorry.

Any gamer who is naturally from Black Flag and Rogue Navy, complete the whole recurrence system in & # 39; e Odyssey, although the weapon on the ship is not as a model or the black flag. But there are a variety of weapons to choose from a variety of bushes and arrows, that's the water of this time changing the state of the pirate ship weapon. It focuses on approaching and using the mainstreaming of & # 39; the ship.

In addition, the player can also be included to set up ships to improve their skills. However, the control of ships in old squares is somewhat heavier than the pirate ship in the black flag, the way to use the ball and the fire is used as puzzles, play. It is not as bad as it was used.

It's a big disaster.

This big city must have a bullet in # corners.

At that point I do not have to tell you that the Odyssey game is so big blue sky. (As it was rounded out to round 25), the transfer of the gamers is made. "Mardich" is about 10 minutes walk around the center. The whole new weapon and weapon all half an hour, tearing the level to be good enough to be the enemy in # 39; to close the door. Each player must sit at least 2 hours to enjoy. If it can be seen in half a day. This ensures that nothing will happen.

There are so many things to do. And the automatic game of the game is insufficient for the player. Many times, the battle with the boss hard to win a long line. It was a day before me. This is it. Therefore, we advise you can often press special, otherwise I have to adjust the pen.

What is more stringent than Cult of Cosmos is loading the game.

For the hero of the game Ubisoft brand name "Buck" is still only a few times, only this time it was not rampant otherwise the game is not just violent to some NC sit in # 39; the wall. The body of NPC has risen and back. This must be complemented by the development team that has made the job well for this Big Scale game.

But the point is that most of the time is a long time to sleep the game. (At least in the PS4 Pro). Beware by loading the finished eagle. Open the menu to view the loading. The key is to load long time in Mong. And you should often die in the early game. In addition, the game has a few seconds at a time because the charge is not.

Invisible sea and ripples in ancient Greece are the height of this size.

ส่วน งาน ภาพ กราฟิก ใน Odyssey ก็ เรียก ได้ ว่า สวย ดี แต่ ไม่ สวย สุด ความ สวยงาม ของ ภาพ มา จาก งาน ออกแบบ และ การ เล่น สี เป็น หลัก โดย เฉพาะ ภาพ ของ น้ำ ทะเล และ ระลอก คลื่น กระทบ ชายฝั่ง ที่ น่า ทึ่ง มาก สวยงาม เหมือน ทะเล จริง ยิ่ง กว่า หาด บาง แสน ซะ อีก แต่ ตัว กราฟิก เอน จิ้ น นั้น ค่อนข้าง ธรรมดา เนื่องจาก ราย ละเอียด เท็กซ์ เจอร์ ที่ จืดจาง ใน หลาย ๆ จุด การ แสดงออก ทาง สีหน้า หน้า ท่าทาง ของ ตัว ละคร ก็ ยั ง ดู แข็ง ๆ อ นิ เม ชั่ น ก็ ดู ขัด ๆ ไม่ค่อย เนียน บาง คน ก็ ทำ ท่าทาง โอเวอร์ แอ็ ค ติ้ง ซะ ยัง กับ ใน ละคร น้ำ เน่า ยิ่ง เป็น ฉาก จีบ ๆ รัก ๆ ใคร่ ๆ นี่ ไม่ ต้อง พูด ถึง แข็ง เป็น หิน มาก ก กก จน ดู น่า ขนลุก เลย เจ้าข้า เอ๋ย

Odyssey บท สรุป แห่ง

โลก ใน เกม ที่ มี ชีวิตชีวา และ AI ที่ ชอบ ตี กันเอง ใน ยาม ว่าง …

Assassin's Creed Odyssey มุ่ง มั่น ที่ จะ เป็น เกม ที่ ใหญ่ ที่สุด โดย ไม่มี การ ประนีประนอม ถ่อมตัว ใด ๆ อาจ เป็น เพราะ Ubisoft วางแผน จะ ใช้ เกม ภาค นี้ ต่อ อีก หนึ่ง ปี ด้วย การ เพิ่ม ภาค เสริม เข้า มา เรื่อย ๆ ซึ่ง ความ ยิ่ง ใหญ่ เกิน ตัว ที่ ว่า นี้ ก็ ต้อง แลก มา ด้วย อะไร บาง อย่าง แบบ ช่วย ไม่ ได้ ดั่ง มหา กาพย์ สุด อลังการ ที่ ต้อง มี ช่วง ยาว ยืด น่า เบื่อ ป น อยู่ บ้าง ดั่ง บุฟเฟ่ต์ ชั้น เลิศ ที่ กิน มาก ไป ก็ เริ่ม ไม่ อ ร่อ และ ดั่ง ท ริ ป เที่ยว ตาราง แน่น เอี้ ย ด ที่ ทำให้ ความ สนุก เริ่ม กลาย เป็น ความ เหนื่อย แม้ กระนั้น ก็ ปฏิเสธ ไม่ ได้ ว่า มัน ก็ ยัง มอบ ประสบการณ์ น่า ประทับใจ ที่ ควร ค่า แก่ การ ได้ ลิ้ม ลอง สัก ครั้ง หาก คุณ เป็น แฟน Assassin's Creed ภาค Origins หรือ กำลัง มอง หา เกม แอ็ ค ชั่ น ผจญญ ภัย ใหญ่ ของ ได้ นี่ มาง อังกฤษ Odyssey ก็ เป็น ตัว เลือก ที่ คุณ ไม่ ควร พลาด นะ ขอรับ

* Ubisoft แล้ว ช่วย สนับสนุน โค้ด เกม สำหรับ การ รีวิว บน แพลตฟอร์ม Playstation 4 มา ณ ที่ นี้ ด้วย ครับ

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