Wednesday , October 27 2021

To check the taxation, "reinforce" Lu Ren came to Taiwan? Immigration Department responds "Light Is Limit!" – ETtoday News Cloud

To check the taxation, "reinforce" Lu Ren came to Taiwan? The Immigration Department replied with "Light sees the limit!" ETToday News Cloud

▲ The Department of Immigration has changed the "Possibilities for people access to Taiwan in the mainland". (Photo / Revolution by GoogleMap) Reporter Lai Yujun / Taipei Report The Immigration Department of the Ministry of International Affairs announced in the beginning of # 39; a month that the "Possibilities for the People's Republic of China to Taiwan's Taiwan" are made by checking the mainland for granting permits to Taiwan. In this connection, the Immigration Department gave that it was actually the last year known that the amendment had expired from ' the rights of the establishment of # the establishments and the fact that the "modern and earlier" is more clear, "the light sees the limit, and I do not see the talk!" The Immigration Department announced the amendment of a Taiwanese license system of & nbsp; e People's People in # Start of # a month and confidence that the amendment does not contain important policy changes and rights and obligations. The validity period of the medical certificate and the uniform laws and regulations, the regulatory regulation, the relationship of 'families of' Taiwanese for short term, promotion of unregistered citizens and Hong Kong family members and Macau officials in Taiwan, etc. However, the print media report has indicated that the amendments are called to apply to the annulled person and the invitee unit for access to senate, and even those who served as official officials of the mainland party and empire , the entrance may differ, and the validity period of # 39; Medical and health permit is lowered By three months he was charged with severe permanent residence permits for Taiwan. In height, the economy of & # 39; Foreign Affairs "See the limitations and view the relationship". In Safe was the famous & # 39; People's People's Licensing Measures changed last year. Article 23: People in the continent of the mainland may find one of the following conditions for entering the Taiwan area for a short period of time, raising the "and their summers" from & # 39; ; the flower of three men in Taiwan, and unite and are sanctioned with permission. Anyone who is less than seven months old or who do not have twenty months of production or aborting, "the bloodlists and their mothers are staying staying with longing residents . " Immigration Department …

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