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The pro-Chinese plot is not over! Marshall Islands President Successfully Avoids Political Crisis |


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Marshall Islands Hilda Heine

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We recently filed a complaint against the Chinese businessmen and presidents of the Marshall Islands, but their plot ended in failure.

According to a comprehensive foreign media report, President Hilda Heine, Marshall Island, yesterday avoided the fate of one vote in the no-confidence vote in Congress yesterday (12) and continued to serve as president.

Please refer to the previous report on the political situation of the Marshall Islands.

(Publication time: 2018/11/09 15:36)

China stimulated Marshall Islands opposition? According to media reports, President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands accused China of being oppressed.

The British "Guardian" reported this week that the Marshall Senator decided this week to express confidence in Heine. According to the report, the opposition blamed Hani for converting his virtual currency into his own currency, regardless of the opposition parties at home and abroad.

The Guardian denied that Heine objected to the allegations, contended that there was no theoretical basis, and controlled the Marshall opposition, accusing China of trying to create "my country in my country" in his own country.

According to the report, Heine said Senators who wanted her resignation in the New Zealand press are all closely related to Chinese businessmen. She said that this businessman hopes to build a commercial heaven for foreign investors in Ronglaap atol, but the Marshallian government refuses to do so, as it strengthens China's influence in Pacific Island countries and increases the risk of money laundering did.

According to the Guardian, Heine argued that the government should abide by the government's legal procedures and maintain sovereignty independence and integrity.

Heine said he believes he can safely pass a confident ticket next week.

Because the Marshall Islands is a Taiwanese diplomatic state, if he succeeds in resigning, he will inevitably affect diplomatic relations with China and internationalism.

President Tsai Ing-wen (left 2) visited Marshall's photo. President Cai and Marshall President Hilda C. Heine (second from right) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on bilateral foreign ministers and immigration issues and prevention of trafficking in human beings . National partnership. (Central Communications Agency)

The pro-Chinese plot is not over! The President of Marshall Islands successfully avoided the political crisis.

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