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Taiwan version of the fat coffee temple came to master three stages of financial review, trust financial |


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Taiwan officially participates in global tax avoidance, strictly examines the profit distribution and asset allocation of domestic and overseas people, the accountant proposes three steps for review, and CITIC Bank also reminds customers. Appropriate use of financial instruments, such as insurance policies and trusts, to quickly review an individual's or company's financial situation and remind the public to prepare their family assets in advance can help prevent assets from falling into future generations and avoiding tax risks.

As the "Common Reporting Standard" (CRS) becomes the banking guide for all countries, the Chinese Ministry of Treasury plans to start the fertilizer regulation in Taiwan next year, and the financial institution will be announced for the first time in June 2020 . Please exchange your financial account information for that month for the first time.

The information exchange will not reveal the global financial account of the high-wealth family. Goo Zongming, deputy director of Qicheng United Accounting Firm, has proposed three stages of financial review. First, review your investment for almost five to seven years and review your earnings. Second, apply to the financial institution or prepare the relevant transfer documents and save the affidavit for confirmation. Third, if you have a lot of overseas suffocation and income within five to seven years, there is a tax risk, so you should consult financial experts as soon as possible to make sure that the practice is innocent.

In addition to reviewing the financial situation of individuals and corporations, CITIC Bank recommends that you set up a Family Tax Inheritance Plan as soon as possible in accordance with the tax payment regulations. Complex property inheritance needs to be taken into account more, and paying excessive taxes or causing family disputes is a bit careless. Most customers are confronted with wealthy inheritance, worrying that their children will earn too soon, but they do not have the ability to mature financially, and can not use the gift allowance of NT $ 2.2 million annually, which can lead to high inheritance taxes in the future. There is.

In connection with the selection of asset management tools, CITIC Bank said that family trust schemes may want to consider the career steps of family members and provide appropriate solutions when customers want to deliver (including gifts or inheritance after the South). In addition, when various family assets and family members are involved, CITIC Bank can coordinate trust plans such as "money, insurance and real estate trusts" to build a lifecycle trust inheritance platform.

For example, through a trust mechanism, a trust mechanism allows parents to set themselves up as trust supervisors, retain management guidelines for trust fees, and exercise the right to change, terminate and terminate trust certificates. Your child has the right to a trust insurance and can agree on the deed of trust at the time when the asset can actually be planned according to the parent's will, such as when to pay the premium, pay the property tax, pay for the marriage or maternity allowance.

CITIC Bank also reminded that any type of financial management tool may be eligible for a grant of $ 2.2 million NT per year to formulate the heritage plan and that future generations may participate to provide timely financial education.

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