Tuesday , October 26 2021

Pu Yuma's chauffeur was forced to explore on election day? Taiwan railways spoke – Zhongshi News


The media reported that Pu Yuma's cyclist, Zhen Zhenzhong, was on the day of & # 39; The election was called to the train and was the first line to get the train, and he still was in trouble with Puyuma's sailing train that fought him physically and mentally. It is strictly celebrated and said that this is a fraudulent news of criminal charges on Taiwan Railway, and will have the right to preserve legal justice.

The media sought that the interview was not Zhen Zhenzhong, but a person who was a close friend of You Zhenzhong, and said that your Zhenzhong returned to Taiwan to work, but the Taiwan Railways supported him on # the election day to read his mind again. Iron is cruel.

Following the investigation of Taiwan Railway, the report was rejected, saying that Zhen Zhenzhong took the initiative to work on November 20, his physical and mental condition, the unity of # 39; The seven units of Zhen Zhenzhong's work university did not give him a job, and there was no obligation. Jo Zhenzhong supported the crew on election day and has no pressure to pay for responsibility.

At the same time, the Taiwan Railways said they had organized professional psychological counselors to help and hoping Yu Zhenzhong to recover as much as possible. Therefore, it is not possible to organize Yu Zhenghong to support the frontline without recognition of professional advisors. The media reported that the Yu Zhenzhong election day was permitted, that was just a bad news, and they would have the right to preserve legal justice.

(China Times Newsletter)

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