Saturday , July 24 2021

Open an account in 6 minutes! LINE Bank has just launched, shocking news about the crash | Financial news | Sankei

RIGEL Bank (Connected Commercial Bank) held a press conference today (22) to announce the official opening, which is the second pureBanking online; However, when many people entered the page to open an account at night, problems such as unresponsive connection, failed ID shots and uploads, and “an error occurred while processing the system”. The main “6-minute account opening” was difficult to reach after the actual test. Netizens mourned and complained over and over again.

In response to feedback from users that they do not currently have access to the LINE Bank page, LINE Bank replied that due to the overwhelming number of account openings, a large number of application requests flowed in simultaneously. It is recommended that users try later. LINE Bank is currently eliminating active system overload.

LINE Bank is officially launched today and offers the first wave of account offerings open. From the end of June, the first 500,000 new accounts have successfully opened an account at LINE Bank, and their LINE account and LINE Pay account successfully linked to LINE Bank Accounts, and First Brush at 7-ELLEUnited supermarketOr FamilyMart Family Store, use OPEN Wallet or My FamiPay to bind the LINE Bank Quick Point Card to spend the full amount, and the designated tasks of the “New Account Gift” and “First Swipe Up Gift” are completed, and you can earn up to 150 LINE POINTS points in total.

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