Thursday , March 4 2021

Nozomi Sasaki’s “public toilet appointment gun” is destroyed, and the current situation of Watanabe Ken is revealed: market work and fish removal-ETtoday 星光 云

  1. Nozomi Sasaki’s “Public Toilet Apprenticeship” Destroyed Image Watanabe Construction Status Revealed: Market Work and Move FishETtoday Starlight Cloud
  2. Nozomi Sasaki who exposed the fishing industry and the plight of the Kawawabe building and witnessed the fish market as a porterudn hush! Star news
  3. Hiding over AV in disabled toilet ventilation Sasaki Shiv ended up as porter in fish marketSanli News
  4. The fishing end of Ken Watanabe exposes fish market and moves sea eaglesFree entertainment
  5. Ken Watanabe’s food stealing comeback is confirmed indefinitely to move part-time shipping to market | Apple DailyHong Kong Apple Daily
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