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KFC cited “Blood Vengeance” as a cheap copy, which was ironically “fried chicken tasteless” by the developer | 4Gamers



Well, you read that right, it’s really KFC. KFC Gaming’s Twitter account was recently criticized by the “Blood Vengeance” development team for being a cheap copy of “Vengeance of the Evil”.

It so happened. KFC Gaming posted a “Every masterpiece has its cheap copy” on the official Twitter, with the photos showing the main images of “Evil Force” and “Blood Retaliation”.

Upon seeing this, Turtle Rock, the developer of “Blood Vengeance”, responded with a screenshot with the text “11 herbs and spices and no flavor yet.” (11 herbs and spices and no flavor yet.).

As everyone knows, the original baked chicken from KFC is marinated with 11 kinds of herbs. Turtle Rock can say that every word is “beat” on KFC.

The relationship between “Evil Force” and “Blood Revenge”

The relationship is …. “Evil Force” and “Vengeance on Blood” are both the work of the same developer Turtle Rock, and this one also previously had an “Evil Spirit Evolution”.

The original name of “Back 4 Blood”, which was released on October 13, is very similar to the original name of “Left 4 Dead”. Due to the similar gameplay, “Blood Vengeance” has been released since its release. is considered a sequel to inherit the spirit of “Evil Spirit Force”.

This exchange of fire over the air, sparks went off but no one was injured. Coincidentally, with the coincidence that the incident happened on the same day as the sale of “Blood Vengeance”, some public opinions speculated that this apparent KFC Gaming community incident might be a marketing technique, but no one knows the truth.

Recently, “Vengeance of the Blood” is on sale, and the release platforms are PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One.

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