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Has Apple stopped planning to increase XR production? Production of Chuan Hon Hai is 25% less. Wistron has no urgent orders. | TechNews Technology News


Nikkei News reported on April 5 that Apple had asked Hon Hai and Heshuo to advocate halting the iPhone XR volume-up program that was released in October. According to industry sources, Hon Hai originally prepared about 60 assembly lines for iPhone XR production, but recently 45 production lines were produced and Apple said Hon Hai does not need any additional production. In other words, the daily output of the Hon Hai iPhone XR will be shortened to 100,000, 20% to 25% lower than the original estimate.

And Heshuo will also await a reminder from Apple, who received instructions such as whether to extend the equipment in the future.

Officials have also notified Wistron that Apple will prepare the ability to respond to urgent orders, but Wistron has not yet received an iPhone XR order from Apple in response to year-end demand.

According to the report, iPhone XR is cheaper than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Originally expected to outperform iPhone sales, Apple's current plans are raising prices compared to the 84,800-yen iPhone XR. iPhone XR is 20% cheaper than traditional iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple dropped 2.84 percent in May to close at $ 201.59. It has been low since August 1.

Ping stock has also heard that the news is softer. Power amplifier supplier Qorvo showed a sharp drop of 6.32% on the 5th, while Skyworks Solutions fell 2.66% on the 5th. TSMC ADR also closed at 38.48, down 0.77% from 5th.

According to a financial report released by Apple on November 1, iPhone sales in the last quarter (July-September 2018) were $ 488.9 million, up 0% (+ 14%) from the same quarter a year earlier.

Apple has announced that it will no longer release sales data for products like the iPhone.

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