Thursday , April 22 2021

Exclusive “What a coincidence! China blocks Taiwanese pineapple imports and promotes same-day East-produced golden diamond pineapple-Free Times Newsletter

  1. Exclusive “What a coincidence! China is blocking Taiwanese imports of pineappleElectronic Bulletin of Liberty Times
  2. “Place orders placed on the cabinet of the department store” Uncle Pineapple Can’t SleepUDN United News Network
  3. The mainland responded for the first time to insisting on pineapple embargoChina Times News
  4. The daily tons of pineapple sold in China is estimated to increase by more than 60% annuallyElectronic Bulletin of Liberty Times
  5. 200 containers can not be exported! Uncle Pineapple sucks for fear of losing millions: he can choose to put it downETtoday News Cloud
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