Monday , May 17 2021

Ding Shouzhong's ticket is lost, yet expects Ke Wenzhe's 3000 dollar vote is confiscated – Mirror Weekly – Mirror Weekly

  1. Ding Shouzhong's ticket is lost, yet disappeared Ke Wenzhe's 3.000 votes position will be wound – Mirror Weekly Mirror Weekly
  2. Not allowed to just win! Ding Shouzhong added 300 votes … Gao Jiayu told re-vote for 2 hours.
  3. Behind the screens / Northern staff control will tell the thing camp to introduce another farm | NOWnews Today News
  4. Ding Shouzhong will invade the election? Gao Jiayu's "2-hour-profesion" ends is not optimistic │TVBS news news TVBSNijs
  5. More than 3,000 "decorated cards" are sent to the college-bank Ding Shouzhong 's dubbing parallel parallel "counter-control page litigation" ETtoday News Cloud
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