Saturday , May 28 2022

Chuanpu miller artillery oil price holocaust analysts have discovered the economy "剉 咧" – China Times News


The US President Trump has published tweets again, asking the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase the production and lower oil prices. But, however, if the US sanctions exported to the iron ore oil, oil producing countries such as Awudiya increase production, and oil prices. The Holocaust Code, New York Light Roazele, has recently attracted 50 US dollars per barrel, suggesting Goldman Sachs analysts suggest that small oil prices have seriously influenced industrial costs of the industrial cost.

According to US media "CNBC", Gold Cursor warns Jeff Currie, head of investigated studies that an oil price drop of $ 50 a year would threaten the US economy and problems in the market. Previously, the price of pink oil was too high, trump would publish tweets, which demanded that OPEC increase production and win oil prices, and that Cumpie also names many oil prices. The cost structure is damaging, and it's important to all parties to make the production.

Helima Croft, Head of Global Commodity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets, said that if the country of Saudi Arabia imitates the significance of Trump and supplies too much rumor to the market, it will also affect the impact of ' the so-called shale oil influence.

(China Times Newsletter)

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