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Blisters on the lips are not only hot air, herpes labialis more than 3 times a year is a warning sign-Health-China Times

Many people have blisters on the corners of their mouths because they stay late and tired, and they feel red, swollen, tingling and itchy. The older generations think this is just “irritation.” However, dermatologists suggest that the first infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 may be possible. It can cause “shortwave” and cause oral and lip infections. If the physical condition worsens in the future, it may return.

Herpes labialis is a great warning sign that your physical condition is deteriorating. Dermatologist Zhao Zhaoming explained that in infection with herpes simplex virus, the symptoms are mostly blisters and pain in the mouth and lips. After the infection, the virus remains in the body waiting for an opportunity. As your immunity weakens, you will end up causing problems.

In general, if you catch a cold, stay up late, turn up day and night, or get too tired, the herpes virus that hides in the nerve will activate, and it will form blisters on the lips, itching and tingling, Zhao Zhaoming said , this is a secondary attack Sex. If shortwave occurs less than 3 times in a year, it is still normal, but if the shortwave occurs more than 3 times within a year, it means that the body’s resistance and immunity are weak. You need to pay attention to the bodies work and rest, reduce late staying, and eat normally.

Zhao Zhaoming said that the first time he was infected with the herpes virus, it was very likely that there were no symptoms. If it is a baby or preschooler, it can cause herpetic gingivitis. Studies have shown that most adults have herpes virus in them The vast majority of people are infected with this type of virus in childhood.

In addition, herpes simplex virus can also cause venereal diseases, and usually requires only antiviral drugs to cure. If the immune system is low or the physical condition is poor, oral antiviral drugs should be used to suppress the virus.

Zhao Zhaoming points out that the symptoms of herpes virus infection in the genitals are mainly blistering while they feel tingling, itching and pain. If the lesion is small, you can apply antiviral drugs. If the lesions are spread in different places, you may need to consider taking oral medication.

Zhao Zhaoming said the number of herpes virus patients in outpatient clinics has recently increased by about 20%. The reasons are related to factors such as insomnia, late stay, excessive temperature difference, bustle for the New Year holidays, and too much spicy food. It is recommended that patients maintain a normal life and eat more fruits and vegetables., And supplement with vitamin C. Edit Liang Huiming

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