Sunday , May 16 2021

Badminton / annual race is free Dai Ziying expects the enemies of Thailand Isaiah | News reports | NOWnews today

▲ Dai Ziying (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

The end of the 2018BWF (International Badminton) is today (10th), and the third place in our country is "the world after the ball" Dai Ziying and Japan's Yamaguchi, the Indian Xindu, and the American Chinese Zhang Yiwen are in group A. "East Enemy" Thailand Isaiah is in group B.

The competition of # 39; The BWF will be held in Guangzhou, China at 12th, and the top 8 players can participate in the league competition, the 8 drawers are divided into 2 groups for a single robin, the top 2 teams will be promoted to the Final Four.

In this year, a total of four groups of people were competing, including men and women, only major Zhou Tiancheng, Dai Ziying, men Chen Honglin / Wang Qilin, Liao Minjun / Su Jingheng.

Dai Ziying is in women & # 39; singles group A. The group B is Thailand's Thailand, Japan's Aoyuan Hope, China's Chen Yufei and Canada's Li Wenshan.

Zhou Tiancheng is in # 39 men in # 39; a singles group A. His opponents were Sina Shi Yuqi, Indonesia Jinting, South Korea Sun Wanhu, group B Japanese Channel in Tianxian, Indonesian Sugiato, Thailand Wangcharun and Indian Verma.

The men of China are "Shuanglin match" and "Liaosu match" are in the same group B, and Japan's Watanabe Yongda / Endo Daisuke, Indonesian Hassan / Setia Wanwan, group A is Indonesia Gideon / Su Kamuyo, China Han Chengyu / Zhou Yidong, China Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen.

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