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After the election of Gao's mayor, Chen Qimai won the Korean Yu – Zhongshi News

In Kaohsiung's election, the former DPP legislation of Chen Qimai, after more than a month's internet traffic, he lost even the Kaohsiung mayor, South Korea's Yu, but in good-sense conditions, he once replaced to South Korea.

According to "Network Thermometer", Chen Qimai and South Korea's good feelings, after the election, there was a golden cross. Chen Qimai held a coffee concert on December 8 and went into 10,000 powder. Similar supporters also included "Red Bean" and "Take On Me" in place. His good feelings of a day were just as high as the night of & # 39; a Korean Yu victory on November 24. Today, Chen Qimai even made the decision in a firefight concert and played "human body."

From the analysis of the network volume, the next day after the & # 39 election; a mayor, Chen Qimai had 37,969 votes, and the complete invalid selection did not feel linear. On the 28th and 29th of the month there were 38,281 volumes on Chen Qimai and 6,190 on December 5. On December 8, the coffee concert was held in second hand, the number of discussions was 30,415, which can be said for the heat of & # 39; be the election.

According to statistics from & # 39; an internet thermometer at & # 39; A 25th day after the elections on 25 November, the network star of South Korea's Yu is still the highest, with 914,000 pens. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is second to 669,000 pens. Although Chen Qimai has his good feelings, Lin Huizhen, the chief functional officer of the network thermometer, has shown that Facebook's live broadcast became a popular battlefield after the election of Kaohsiung, resulting in a great deal of interaction between worthy of praise and became the key to Chen Qimai's popularity.

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