Thursday , January 20 2022

Yes to VoltaNord, no to shop opening times and premium initiation ++ heart of cowhide and no pardon for SBI – Basel City – Basel


The results of this voting session were surprisingly one of them: the Yes from Basel City and Baselland to the Hornkuh Initiative, which ultimately broke down on the podium. In the Basel River, which has more horns, it was more disturbing. However, in the city where 2017 was counted by the Statistical Office 154 cows, a large majority said yes. But it did not help the initiator at the end but nothing.

The fact that the self-determination initiative in the left-wing dominated Basel failed, however, was to be expected. Something more surprising was the clearness of the Yes share to inspect the insured person. Basically, with the Basler SP National Council, a city-wide defamation fight against the Federal Reserve was fought. All in all, however, the two Basel agreed at the end: a Yes for the Horn Cage, a Yes to the Insurance Detects and No to the Disputed Self-Determination Initiative of SVP Switzerland.

VoltaNord: "Only suitable for affordable housing"

Far more important are the cantonal results. Basel City voted on the left: A yes to the development of the VoltaNord area and no to the longer store opening times. The VoltaNord template, also known as the Lysbüchel area, was mainly contested by the trade union association. Gabriel Barell, then director, was again defeated. He was still disappointed on Sunday and judged: The SBB's vote campaign, which belongs to the ground, has been superior to the federation in all its means.

Otherwise the SP Governing Board saw Hans-Peter Wessels. The Basel Baudirector even welcomed the use of the landowner for the template. For him, this is "the most important result of this legislature," as Wessels compared to the said. Now, affordable living space will be created as well as space for business. Something else is not possible on site, so Wessels. Will Wise: A noble location is not the area on the northern edge of the city. It is above all an industrial woodland, which now offers the growing canton more shelter for residents.

The misery with opening hours

And then the shop opening times: In the repeated start, the citizens failed in opening the narrow legal barriers. Nothing changes to X's template with which the opening times have been attempted. And here also: Disappointment at the Motionary, SVP Grand Council Joël Thüring. No, however, for the presentation was foreseeable. In Basel, shop opening times are considered to be the political stronghold of the left and the trade unions. In addition, shopkeepers themselves were criticizing themselves in the run-up.

A liberalization of the traditionally orientated opening times is again from the table. Unless the shops can open in the evening of the train station SBB until late in the evening and at weekends. Because they are under a different law. With the shopping center, which had developed there in the past years, and with the fine-meshed network of small quarters as family businesses, Basel had already begun to take immediate pressure to hold further stores accordingly.

Baselbiet the civilians

In Baslebiet, it was the civilians who were all over the line. The most important cantonal template, the premium initiative of the SP Baseland, failed. The redistribution template was clear but not rejected. Even larger communities of sub-basement agglomerations were behind the desire to store the canton's insurance premiums differently. In spite of the defeat, the Basel Bidder can assume companions to have at least one signal deactivated.

Cheering can be for homeowners. With a very clear yes, the landing proposal was adopted for the housing costs initiative. This will mitigate a substantial increase in tax burden on the property by the federal government. The conversion rates are laid down by the federal minimum. In this way, the ratio between home-rent and market hire is generally to be at least 60 percent. The reorganization of the Civil Circuit Tribunals was also highlighted: their members are choosing new ones and no longer the voting population.

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